Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Little Busy, Okay, A LOT Busy

Okay, so I know it's been absolutely forever since I last posted. I've definitely been keeping busy though. We are living in "box city" right now and Taeya is loving it. She has discovered the joy of playing in boxes. I have some pictures and a video of her playing in her box but alas, they are still on the camera. I would say I have our house probably 75% boxed and ready to go.

Moving day is coming up. Not exactly sure when it is still although it is probably within a week. The house is nearly done (on the inside). They were rushing like crazy to get the garage sheetrocked today and some of the last minute things done. The inspector is supposed to come tomorrow to issue the certificate of occupancy (CO). Loan paperwork is well underway and our lender said closing is probably set for Monday, August 3. WE CAN'T WAIT! This has been a long and sometimes challenging process. We have enjoyed many parts of it and Phil and I did really well working together and making choices that fit both of our styles. We definitely love the finished product and will love our new home. I for one am looking forward to getting reorganized. I'm also excited to have a tutoring room where I can put up bookshelves and pull out all/most of my teaching stuff. I told Phil, I don't know what I'm going to do when we're in the house and we don't have any more building/design decisions to make and we don't have to visit Lowe's three times a week. It was a fun process and I'm glad we did it but I'm really looking forward to being done with all of that though and focusing on other things.
We have been doing some fun things lately. We went on a family walk down by the river one evening last week. We also stopped by the biggest wave in CO and watched the surfers (yes it's true! you can surf in CO) and kayakers practice their skills on it.

I took Taeya and a little boy I was babysitting to our local parade a couple weeks ago. Taeya received a paper nurses hat which she proudly put on her head. Her friend and babysitter, Annie, joined her for another future nurse picture.