Monday, November 30, 2009

All the Trimmings

We had a wonderful time last weekend decorating our home for Christmas and picking out our Christmas tree in the mountains with our friends, the Jones family.

Enjoying our snack time in the middle of our tree hunting.

Taeya loved the sledding.

Taeya and her girls.

Wearing Momma's hat
A little of our beautiful state of Colorado
Mommy and Taeya

Taeya had a great time playing in (eating) the snow and having fun with the Jones girls and we hunted for our tree.

Taeya looked like such a big girl here, I just had to get a picture of her eating her cereal.

Our first Christmas in our new home.

Our beautiful Christmas tree. Taeya loves it!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Our Happy Kiddo

I've been rather lax at updating the blog lately. I'm working on trying to be more consistant about uploading pictures and information.

Read at the bottom of this post for an update on Taeya. It's mostly for me to remember these days but you can read it if you'd like.

Want some corn Mama?
Taeya LOVES going to the park...any park. Whenever we drive past a park that Taeya sees, she starts laughing, pointing and saying "park!"

Sliding with Daddy.
My what big feet you have!!

Running into church a few Sunday's ago.

One of Taeya's favorite styles...multiple headbands.

Why so happy? We're at the park of course!

Here we were playing in the leaves outside the Doctor's office.

What a very sweet girl we have.

Taeya has been growing so much lately. Friends keep commenting at how big she's getting. Her language is developing everday although she is still a very quiet little girl. She doesn't talk a lot unless she wants something but when she does want something, Taeya will usually repeat whatever she's trying to say until she gets the response she's hoping for. Some of the things she can say are: Mama, Daddy, Cereal, More of dis (this), No, es (yes), cookie, cracker, mik (milk), yes eas (yes please), ruff ruff (what a dog says), Moo, baa, meow, bankie (blanket), bunny. There are many other words in her vocabulary and she understands much of what I say to her.

Taeya LOVES her sleep! She generally goes to bed between 7 and 8 pm. When she starts getting tired, she sucks on her two first fingers on her right hand and often covers her right hand with her left. If she gets ahold of one of her many "bankies" she tends to immediately put her fingers in her mouth. Taeya goes to bed so easily at night. She doesn't enjoy getting her jammies or diaper on but once they're on, she snuggles with me for a minute, I lay her on her bed and she puts her fingers in her mouth and is ready to sleep. I generally pray with her and turn her music on then shut off the lights and leave the room. We transitioned her from her crib to her open-sided bed on Oct. 31, 2009. I told her to stay in bed and when I went to get her up from her nap, she was still in bed. She's done extremely well in her new sleeping arrangement. She almost always stays in bed for both naptime and bedtime. Occassionally, she'll get up to get a toy but then returns to her bed. I always check on her before I go to bed at night and a few times I've found her on the floor. I'm not sure if she's fallen out of bed or if she climbed out. A few mornings or after naptime, I sometimes find her with all of her bedding stripped off the bed and placed on the floor by the door. She definitely has a Type A personality. She will pull off every blanket and stuffed animal and put them just where she wants them to go.

Speaking of her type A personality, she always closes doors or drawers if they've been left open. She likes everything to be very orderly (except her toys!). She leaves her toys spread out all over the place. Taeya loves to climb. She climbs on everything she's able to. She's a little monkey just like her mommy was when she was little. I love my sweet little girl and her sweet little personality. Everyday is special with my Taeya and I love seeing her grow and change little by little every day. In just under a month, my baby will be two. I can't believe that we've already had nearly two sweet years together.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Zoo

In mid-October, we headed out to Denver to take Taeya to the Zoo. She enjoyed seeing many of the animals that she often sees in her books. While we were there we were able to stay with our friends, Derek and Amanda, and also visit Brian, Keturah and Bella. We had a wonderful trip and I can't wait until we're able to do it again someday!

(The pictures are pretty-much in backwords order but it doesn't really matter much.)

Daddy and Taeya enjoyed watching the chefs making Crepes at the crepe place we went to. It was oh so yummy! Us with our friends, Derek, Amanda and soon-to-arrive Baby. (Amanda's due at the beginning of December. Can't wait to see the little one!)

Our family at the Denver Zoo

Brian, Keturah and Bella. We hung out at their house during Taeya's nap time so we could take her back to the zoo for a little while. They live just a few minutes from the zoo. It was great seeing Keturah again and meeting her family. Bella is about 6 months younger than Taeya.

As proof that we really did see animals...The Red Panda was one of Phil's and my favorite animals.

Trying to get a picture of Phil and me with the camels in the background. They're there. Just look close. Taeya had fun playing around at the BBQ place we went to for lunch. She has a crayon in her mouth in case you were wondering.

What a sweet little 21 month old we have! (She's now almost 23 months!)

She was watching the anteater here. He was HUGE!

While at the zoo, we thought it would be fun to take Taeya on the carousel and the little train. We bought tokens and were excited about her enjoying her first rides. Needless to say, it didn't quite turn out as planned.

Once the carousel started, Taeya cried the entire time and clung to me with a death grip.

However, when we were done, she happily waved to the "kitty" we rode on and gave it a great big kiss goodbye. We ended up not taking her on the train. Maybe next time.

Altogether, we had a fabulous time as a family on our little get-a-way trip and can't wait to do it again!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Please Vote

Hey friends, can you do me a quick favor and vote for our photo on my friends photography blog? We had family pictures done and whoever gets the most votes will get a prize...and we'd love to win!!! I'd post the picture here but I don't own the rights to it so bop on over to Cerise Photography and vote for #7 The Camps! I'd appreciate it!!

Thanks, Megan

PS. I LOVE Marcia's photography and if you're local and are looking to have your pictures done professionally, please stop by for a preview of her work. You'll be happy you did!