Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Strawberry Shortcut-Race #2

On Father's Day, I ran the Strawberry Shortcut 5K with 2 of my friends, Tracy & Joy. Phil graciously got up extra early to cheer me on and watch Taeya during the race. Since this race was only a 5K (3.1 miles) I tried to push myself on my time. I averaged about a 10 minute mile. My goal was to finish around 30 minutes and I came in at 31:10. Not too bad. Tracy finished about 45 seconds ahead of me and Joy was just behind me (AND she's 3+ months pregnant!) Joy's husband, John, ran the 10K and finished about 58 minutes I think. We had a lot of fun and all went to a pancake breakfast that the Kwanis club puts on every year after the run.

Taeya and Melanie enjoying a snack together. Melanie's going to be two houses away from us once we move and I'm sure the girls will be spending lots of time together. :)

John & Joy. These are our friends who got us into our new home. We always have a great time hanging out with them. Joy, Megan & Tracy

We run quite often on Sunday afternoons. We might continue in the evenings as the days have been getting too warm to run.

Right before I finished the race.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Caring for Baby

Taeya's becoming a good little mommy.
Here she is taking her baby for a bike ride. I love that she was kneeling the whole time she was pushing her baby.
...and when baby would fall off, Taeya would pick her back up and keep going.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Soft and Sweet

My sweet seriously studying some soft shoots.

Pondering picking the perrenial posyDisplaying her decoration for her dear daddy.
Better believe I like a bit of butter.
Caressing chubby cheeks with a chunky crown.

It's been awhile since I wrote any alliteration. If you'd like to leave an alliteration comment, I'd love to read them.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Double Wammie

Warning: If you don't care about our family sicknesses, don't read any further. That is ALL this post is about because that is basically all we've been dealing with lately--sickness.

I haven't been much up to posting on the blog lately and for good reason. On June 4th, Taeya started puking and pooping and sadly, didn't stop until the following Wednesday. At first, we thought it was just a 24 hour bug but after 36 hours with no end in sight, we went to the doctor's. I continued checking in with the doctor all weekend over the phone and took Taeya again in on Monday (I was very worried about dehydration). They took a stool sample on Monday and called me back on Tuesday to let me know she had Rotavirus. Yuck! That is a nasty virus. Well, that night after calling the doctor again because she hadn't peed all day and wasn't crying tears any longer, we decided to take her to the ER. They looked at her, saw she was dehydrated and said they'd give her about 200-250 mL's of fluid. Once they gave her the fluid, their plan was to wait for her to pee and send her home.

I was in the middle of changing her out of her puked on jammies when she went and found her puked on blanket to snuggle while I picked out another change of clothes.
If she was awake during the week she was sick, this is basically what she looked like if she wasn't snugging on me.
However, most of the time, she WAS snuggling on me.

Or, if Daddy was home, he was a good substitute for Mom.

He loves his sweet baby so much!

We arrived about 6:30 PM on Tuesday night and they ended up pumping 750 mL's of fluid into her and we waited until 8:00 AM...(yes...the next morning!) before she peed. Taeya and I slept (I use that word very loosely) together on the little gurney you see in the pictures. This was after a previous night with her waking up every hour with diarrhea and needing to be changed and AFTER 5 days of constantly being puked on, pooped on and caring for a very sick little girl. I was near the end of my rope when we left the hospital. I could barely see straight to drive home. However, we made it and both slept a few hours in our own beds. I was still pretty exhausted when she awoke so I asked a friend to come help out. I was so thankful that Bethany came and spent two hours or so playing with Taeya so I could sleep some more. The fluids did wonders for Taeya and she began to be herself that afternoon.
(Is it wrong of me to have brought my camera to the ER and actually took pictures of my sick baby? I must say, I DID feel bad doing it but I'm glad I have pictures to document what happened).
Mommy and Taeya right after getting the IV. THIS is the bed we BOTH slept on ALL NIGHT LONG...with the sides up.
She's cuddling the little doggy they gave her in the waiting area. Doggie's are Taeya's very favorite thing right now and they didn't know that when they gave her the stuffed animal.

After an entire night of fluids.

Sitting up and starting to feel better.
The next morning, Taeya's doctor gave me a call to let me know that her stool sample had been fully processed and not only did she have Rotavirus but she also had E-Coli poisoning...a strain which required a call to the health department. (Am I allowed to write about that on here? The health department followed up later that day and asked questions about where we had been, what we ate, where we buy all of our food. They have to try to track the source as it's a strain similar to the ones you hear about on the news.) That AND the Rotavirus is why Taeya had been so incredibly sick for 7 days. Thankfully, once Thursday rolled around, Taeya seemed back to her normal self and finally started smiling, giggling, walking, eating and drinking again.

Sadly, now Momma is sick with one of the two. I didn't feel good last Thursday and thought I was getting really sick. I asked for help from friends and thankfully started to feel better on Friday and Saturday. I thought I was completely better until today (Sunday). It has hit with a vengeance. We went on a family outing (pictures in another post eventually) and I ended up in many different bathrooms for the entire trip. I got home and took some Zofran for the nausea and am letting the rest of it run it's course. I am PRAYING that this will be over soon. I have seen more than enough vomit and diarrhea to last me a lifetime! Please pray for me if you think about it.
I promise, the next post will be MUCH happier and will have some adorable pictures of Taeya.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Want to Rent Our Condo??!!

I'm going to post this ad on my blog so friends in CO can pass the information on if they know anyone who is looking for a place. We really DO live in a great condo and would love to rent it out so we can move to our home when it's finished!

We are looking for renters for our two bedroom, two bath, condo. It has a huge loft, a 17 ft long storage area, 7 closets, vaulted ceilings, a laundry room with a full-sized washer and dryer. The kitchen includes stove, fridge, dishwasher and garbage disposal. The condo has AC and heat throughout. We have lived here for over 2 years and love the amount of space this condo has.
The bedrooms are spacious and there is plenty of storage. It is beautifully designed and well-cared for and managed. It is essentially a new condo as we were the first tenants so all of the appliances, fixtures etc. are only two years old.

We signed a year lease in February but are buying our first home and need to find someone willing to sign at least a 7 month lease to cover the remainder of our term. (I took out the price that we're paying because I feel a little weird posting it on my blog for all to see). We have a great deal for the size of the condo and the location. It is very close to the freeway and just up the hill from the grocery store.

We will be paying the rent through July 30th. We will most likely be moving out sometime in the middle of July (our house is new construction so we don’t have a definite move-out date) so there’s a good chance that at least a week or two of July rent will be free. Please email me at meganomesh at yahoo dot com if you have any questions or are interested.

Some of the pictures are from before we moved in, hence no household possessions. Others, are obviously after we moved in and decorated.

Entryway/dining area. Our table is in the kitchen because there is plenty of room there for the table.
Two closets in the second bedroom. It's a very large room as you can see from the pictures.
Same room, different angle.

Same room again. We use it as both our baby room and guest room.

End of the kitchen. We now have a chest freezer on the wall with the pantry.

Right side of the kitchen

Left side of the kitchen

A little bit of the laundry room.

The living room. Sorry, I don't have a picture of it with furniture.

Another part of the living room. Right next to the spiral staircase leading to the loft.

Left side of the loft.

Right side of the loft. Notice the two closets? Great storage!!

Our huge, long storage area. It's upstairs in the loft adjacent to the picture above.

Main level bathroom.
I don't have any pictures of the master bath, bedroom or walk-in closet. I'll work on getting some and posting them soon.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Packing Taeya?

You're never too young (or old) to enjoy a good cardboard box.

Here, Daddy is playing peek-a-boo with Taeya.

I LOVE this picture!!! So funny!

Taeya had a lot of fun going for a ride in her new car.