Saturday, June 30, 2007


I read about the Glenwood Springs farmers market in the newspaper this week so Phil and I thought we'd go. Needless to say, we were a little disappointed. There were about 4-5 small booths with a small selection of fruits and veggies. I ended up buying an "organic" lemon square for $3.25. The market definitely wasn't as big as we were expecting. Then, we drove to Costco (it's about an hour away from us). We needed to return our camera that we bought on May 5th as the lense wasn't opening fully or closing fully. It's a nice camera but hopefully we won't have the same problem with our next one...we just exchanged it. While at Costco I started to feel pretty sick so I spent the whole drive home crouched in my seat hoping I wouldn't throw up in our rental car (our Audi's in the shop). After I wrote that last post about feeling better I promptly threw-up within an hour of writing it! Sad huh. Still having rough days but they're better than they were.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

The UPS and downs of Pregnancy

Well, as one of my pregnant friends wrote, "I am ready to begin enjoying my pregnancy." Not that I haven't been excited to be pregnant of course, but I am finally seeing the light at the end of the morning sickness tunnel. I am now throwing up just a couple of times a week and have been feeling much better overall throughout the day. I am also not so tired that I have to take naps on every one of my lunch breaks at work. My tummy is just starting to show my pregnancy with a bit of a pudge under my bellybutton. So far, I'm still on a downward trend with my weight which I'm fine with as my pants are actually getting looser before they start to get tighter. On Sunday I will be 12 weeks already! Only 1 more week after that and I'm officially in the second trimester. Fun, fun, fun!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Strawberry Festival

A week ago, Phil and I went to the Strawberry Festival in Glenwood Springs. We had heard a lot about it but didn't really know what to expect. It was split into two sections. In one area of town was a large craft show with lots of vendors. The food booths were also over there. We enjoyed walking around, trying samples and eating some tasty chicken on a stick. We had purchased some tickets in town a few days prior for the rides. I know what you're thinking, a pregnant woman shouldn't be going on rides. We didn't do many and what we did were safe. We went on the swings, ferris wheel, walked through the fun house and went down the slide. All in all we had a nice time enjoying each other's company and the smells and sounds of the festival. It was pretty packed at the ride area as you can see from the picture taken on the ferris wheel. Early in the evening at the carnival area, Phil decided to pay $5 for a basket of rings to try to ring the bottle. I was very skeptical of him playing and the lady selling the rings said, "We've already had 2 winners today." Woopee...two winner's out of hundreds! I wasn't impressed. However, Phil graciously shared his basket of rings with me and I must admit, I did enjoy playing as well. When I had only two rings left, all of a sudden, one of the rings landed on the bottle and I shouted a very suprised, "I won, I won!" It was a pretty fun win. So, I was the proud third winner of the night and got to pick my prize. I chose a large tiger that we enjoyed touting around the carnival that night. Phil was very helpful and piggy-backed Tiger for much of the night. Probably the funniest part of all was Puma's reaction when we arrived home with Tiger. She came to greet us but when she saw Tiger she ran under the couch and started crying. She was terrified of the tiger. We put her in the bathroom with it so she could adjust but she just cowered in the corner. We moved the tiger over towards her and left the door open and the poor kitty was too terrified to even jump over the tiger to leave. She has warmed up to it quite a bit and will now even bite the tail. She's still not friends with it but she doesn't poof up her tail and raise her hackles when she sees it now. Phil and I had a great time at the Strawberry Festival and will look forward to going again in the future with our little one in our arms.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ultrasound #2

Today I went in for another OB appointment and everything went well. My doctor used the doppler to try to hear the baby's heartbeat but she was unable to find the heartbeat even after a number of tries. I wasn't too worried as I had thrown up my breakfast about 30 minutes prior so I figured Baby was just hiding like the Doctor said. Of course, until you know for sure there's that little fear in the back of your mind just wondering if everything is okay. So, I got to have another ultrasound today!!! Yipee!!! The doctor saw the baby right away and he/she was waving at us with it's little tiny arms. I absolutely loved seeing my baby again and this time I could actually see the arms, legs, heartbeat and of course the body. It was beautiful! I'm going to attempt to include two videos I took of the ultrasound today. I've never posted videos before so they might have to come later. Baby measures 2.99 cm long and has a heart rate of 164 beats/min. Enjoy!

When I find time/energy, I'll post about our visit to the Strawberry Festival last weekend. We had a lot of fun!

The first video is probably the better of the two.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Knives and Rollerblading

This past weekend, Phil and I went for a beautiful rollerblading jaunt down by the river. (with doctor's permission of course). I absolutely LOVED the smells of the flowers and plants. It was truly refreshing. We bladed for 6 miles along the river in the evening. I saw butterflies, chipmonks, caterpillars, birds, a snake and lots of bugs. We had a lovely time and unfortunately, I left my camera in the car so I didn't get to take any pictures. Hopefully, next time I'll get some.

On Sunday night Phil was helping me clean out the dishwasher and he emptied the silverware holder of everything except a large kitchen knife. The weight of the knife unbalanced the carrier and the knife flipped out down to the ground...and into Phil's foot. The point of the knife went into the top of his foot between his two biggest toes. Although he didn't feel it actually go in, he looked down and there was lots of blood. We put pressure on the wound and the bleeding stopped. I cleaned up all the blood and then called Phil's mom for advice. Poor Phil! He's having a hard time because wearing shoes hurt his feet. Hopefully it'll heal soon. So, moral of the story, put the sharp knives away first then put away the silverware.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Accent Quiz

I took this quiz and I thought I might sound like I was from back East because I don't feel like my accent changed at all moving to CA. However, it's interesting that it identifies me as having a midland accent from the West.

What American accent do you have?
Your Result: The Midland

"You have a Midland accent" is just another way of saying "you don't have an accent." You probably are from the Midland (Pennsylvania, southern Ohio, southern Indiana, southern Illinois, and Missouri) but then for all we know you could be from Florida or Charleston or one of those big southern cities like Atlanta or Dallas. You have a good voice for TV and radio.

The West
North Central
The Inland North
The South
The Northeast
What American accent do you have?
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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

My First Ultrasound!

Yesterday I got a call back from the nurse because I left a message for them when i was so sick last week. She gave me a prescription for a nausea medicine that works really good. It's super expensive but I'm glad it's working. At the same time, she scheduled an appointment for me today because the doctor wanted to check and make sure everything was going okay with my pregnancy. So, this morning I went for an appointment and I had a surprise ultra-sound while I was there. :) It was wonderful! It was so nice to see our wee little one for the first time and know that everything looks great. The baby is measuring right where it's supposed to. It's 1.45 cm long and the heartrate was 154bpm. I didn't bring my camera because I wasn't expecting an ultrasound for 2 more weeks. However, I did have my cell phone with me which has a camera on it. I took a picture and a couple videos. Unfortunately, I don't know how to download them to my camera yet. Any suggestions? I have a RAZR. I have another appointment next week and one the week after that.

While I was at the Doctor's, I had the chance to ask about rollerblading and whether I should be lifting dog food bags at work. At this point, my doctor gave me the okay for both of these activities. The rollerblading will change with the coming of the 2nd trimester and the dog food...probably a bit later.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Denver Rockies Game

On Saturday I had to work all day. However, Phil got free tickets to a Rockies game in Denver through his work. So....I worked most of the day and got off at 2:00. As many of you know, I was very sick on Thursday and Friday. I was a bit worried about going to Denver as I got sick at work a couple of times in the morning. However, when Phil and I left for the game at 2:00 I amazingly didn't get sick again until after we got home late Sunday evening! It was WONDERFUL!

My sweet and loving husband drove ALL THE WAY to Denver and ALL THE WAY home from Denver! He is so amazing. We really enjoyed the game and the Rockies won...yeah. They were playing against the Cincinatti Reds and they won 4-1. We were in the "home-run" zone across the field from 2nd base. I of course enjoyed some ice-cream while at the game (one of the only things I have eaten and not thrown-up yet). While we were at the game some really dark clouds rolled in. Thankfully, it only started to rain after we left. Notice the vetern seller with peanut earrings. He has been around a LONG time. Since we knew it was going to be a really late night if we drove all the way home, we opted to get a hotel in Denver. We stayed at a lovely Hampton Inn and Phil took me out for a baked potato at 10:00PM. I needed some real food as I didn't eat any at the game and potatoes sounded good to me. So, he lovingly drove me to a Wendy's we found nearbye and purchased a baked potato for me. I haven't had any really weird food cravies but I do think of foods I want to eat and then usually eat them pretty soon.

On the drive home, we stopped at the outlet mall in Siverthorn, CO. We had a nice time but I started feeling sick again about this time. It progressively got worse until we got home where I threw up for the first time since we went on our trip. All-in-all it was a GREAT trip! Enjoy the pictures.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Great Weekend!!!

When I get a chance, I will post about my great weekend trip to Denver with Phil. :)

Friday, June 01, 2007

9 Times and Counting (in just two days)

***Warning: Topic-morning sickness. Read at your own risk.***
The two days off have been rough in regards to morning sickness. I am throwing up CONSTANTLY. I'm having trouble keeping anything down...water, jello, cereal...almost everything that goes down my throat comes right back up again. I'm at the point where I'm worried about dehydration. I have to work tomorrow and I'm hoping and praying that I start to feel better than yesterday and today. If you think of me tomorrow, I would appreciate your prayers.