Monday, April 19, 2010

First Ultrasound Pictures of Baby #2

On April 14th, I had my first OB appointment with my actual doctor. The first appointment I went to I just saw a nurse and answered a bunch of questions. Right before my OB appt, I had an ultrasound that she ordered done at the hospital.
Although I loved seeing the baby, and Phil was able to come along as well, it wasn't the best ultrasound ever because the technician was a bit on the grumpy, untalkative side. After questioning me as to why I was having an ultrasound done so early (I didn't actually know, the dr just ordered it) and saying it was unnecessary, she did the ultrasound and didn't say anything until the very end when she finally turned the screen to me and said, "Well, there's not too much to see." and then showed me my sweet little baby. The whole ultrasound lasted all of about 2-3 minutes. It was a quick view but I was very happy to see my little one and know that everything looks good at this point in the pregnancy.

Both ultrasound pictures are very similar. The head is on the left with little feet on the right and a hand waving in the middle. Baby measured 3.5 cm which is just over an inch. I was 10 weeks 2 days in my pregnancy at this point.

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Sarah Kuhner said...

What a cute little jelly bean! That is wonderful that you got some pictures. I hope that you get a much more personable tech next time and lots of pictures. Love ya!