Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mail Delivery

My sister sent a card to me this week and she told me before it arrived that it was going to be funny. I went and checked the mail yesterday and this is what I found.

I saw the baggie and thought, "Bekah must have torn it up and Sarah decided to mail it anyways." I thought that was what made it funny until I turned the card over. (I edited the addresses off the card to protect my privacy). On the back of the plastic bag I found this:

In case you can't read it, it's from the United States Postal Service and it says, "We Care" It then goes on to say how they really regret the damage caused during their handling. They understand that we expect our mail to be delivered in good condition. Occasionally, this happens to mail when using their machines etc. etc.

So, it wasn't Bekah that tore it up. It was the postal service. I found it hilarious that they retaped the envelope for me and made sure most of the letter was included inside. Due to the letter/envelope/check being in 11 different pieces, I had to take it home and retape it before I could actually read it. Here's what the final product looked like. A piece of the check is missing but the rest is there.
The reason my sister thought it was funny was because she needed to send me a card but only had a birthday card on hand so she used it even though it wasn't my birthday. I had some good laughs over this card. :) Hope your mail arrives in a bit better shape then mine did this week.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Taeya...Very Belated!

Well, I think I'm about ready to get back to this blogging thing. I was out of town for over a month which is why I had to stop blogging. I blogged once from VA but it's just not as easy as being on my own computer with my pictures.

Grandma Z reading to Taeya on her birthday.

The day after Christmas, we celebrated Taeya's first birthday! It was a relaxing day and we just had a little party in the evening for her. I made a chocolate cake with pink, peppermint frosting with chocolate chips. It tasted good and Taeya certainly entertained us as she ate her wedge of birthday cake.

She was definitely spoiled by her grandparents and received many fun things between Christmas and her birthday. From Mom and Dad she got a baby doll for her birthday which she enjoys playing with, kissing and poking at the eyes on occasion.

Taeya always gave Grandpa these coy little smiles. If she was crying and he called her name, she would almost always stop crying and stare at him.Cake and decorations. Great Grandma bought the My Little Pony decorations and Mommy made the cake.Happy Birthday sweetie! Here's proof that you can eat your cake and wear it too!! Oh, that's not how the saying goes? Oh well.

One of the first tastes. She started slowly just picking at the cake.Next, she tried bending over and biting it. Then came picking it up with both hands.Yum, yum! I love the frosting.The whole thing is too heavy. Maybe I should just eat half of it at a time.
This is great stuff!
Can we do this every day?

I love Mommy so much, I think I'll smear her with frosting.My, this cake sure got heavy.
Clean-up time!
You can use the cake as a fun hat! Or eat it too!

It's really fun to play peek-a-boo with. Daddy fashioning a new hairdo for Taeya...a frosting mohawk.Time to eat cake again.
All done! (Doesn't Taeya look triumphant like she conquered her cake or something?)

Bath time!!!! There were lots of chocolate crumbs floating in the tub.
The lovely white birthday outfit from grandma and decorated by Taeya. Thankfully, I was able to get all of the frosting out of the shirt and it looks as good as new again.

All-in-all, we had a wonderful time celebrating Taeya's birthday. I took pictures of her (me) opening presents but can't seem to find them. I think they got left on the VA computer.