Saturday, September 29, 2007

A MUCH Better Day

Well, today I chose to sleep in after feeling sick all day yesterday. Thankfully, once I went to bed last night my stomache started to improve and this morning it feels normal again as do I.

I don't remember if I mentioned it, but my photobook came in the mail last week and it turned out beautifully. :)

Work is going to be very interesting in the coming weeks. We just lost one of the front desk people who I work with. The front desk staff consisted of 3 full-time girls and the office manager who subbed in when needed. Now, we have 2 full-timers and our office manager is going to have to be full-time front and do his regular work until we find someone. The toughest part is that he's going to be gone for a week followed by me being gone for nearly a week. This leaves only 2 people to cover 6 days a week and our days range from 10.5 hour days to 12 hour days. Please pray for strength as we're all going to be putting in some overtime and that they would find a reliable worker able to start working immediately.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Oh So Sick...

Warning: This is primarily a complaining post.

Last night I woke up at 1:30 AM with acid reflux. Ended up throwing up dinner around 2:00 AM. I tried to go back to sleep but it wouldn't come. I was up and down until 4:30 AM where I finally fell back to sleep. I called into work at 2:00AM and let them know I'd be a bit late in the morning. I got up when Phil woke up and left for work. I got pulled over on the way to work (yeah, it hasn't been a great day/night) for going 39 miles/hr in a 25 zone. THANKFULLY, the officer was very nice and let me off with a warning. I was literally following the pace of two other cars and didn't realize my speed was too "fast". (The speed limits here in CO tend to be rediculous). I got to work not feeling too badly. It's been a super slow day in hardly any appointments and practically no phone calls (which is why I'm blogging at work). However, my stomache has slowly been getting worse and worse. I'm now feeling absolutely miserable but there's not much I can do about it. I took both Tums and my Zofran to try to calm my tummy. I am so thankful that I have the weekend off. I'm going to need it! I have a women's brunch with church tomorrow that I'm going to try to make it to. We'll see if I'm up to it.

On a brighter note, I have been hunting hard for an affordable used glider/ottoman. Living in Western CO there's not a whole lot of options for used rockers. I've been searching ebay and craigslist but the only ones I could find were in California and it was going to be too difficult to transport it out to me. Yesterday, I was on my lunchbreak and went to a consignment shop downtown when I saw a beautiful white glider and ottoman that looked brand new. The material is a bit crazy but in beautiful condition. They had just received it and it wasn't even priced yet. I got it for a great deal and was so excited! It's super comfy and will be perfect for the nursery. I don't mind leaving the material but we'll see if my mom wants to help me recover it. There's no way I could do it on my own!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Baby Belly 23 weeks 3 days

I took these photos earlier this week. Baby is definitely getting bigger and is very active. It's been fun to feel her move more and more. We're 24 weeks today! I went thrift store shopping last week and found some adorable baby outfits. My favorite is the white one, it is so soft!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Engagement Reflection

Three years ago today, Phillip asked me to be his wife. I, of course, said yes and have been so incredibly blessed in the time the Lord has given us together. Marriage has truly been one of the greatest blessings I have ever experienced and I learn to love my husband more and more each day. At this time, I am looking forward to the new life that is growing within me and the changes that I know she will bring to our family. I pray that as long as the Lord gives us together, our love for Him and for each other would continue to blossom and grow stronger.

Phillip, you are the love of my life! Thank you for asking me to be your wife!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Photo Book

I am one of those individuals who loves to take digital photos but never prints them. I am so behind on my scrapbooking that I don't know if I'll ever get caught up. I have half of my high school and half of my college albums finished. Sarah and I were going to scrapbook when she was out here visiting. She did...I looked through my scrapbook but was prettymuch too overwhelmed to do anything about it. I have however, found how I want to scrapbook in the future. Last year, I got an ad for a free Shutterfly photobook if I ordered a couple of photos from them. I did and ended up creating a photobook of our honeymoon. It turned out beautifully and was very clean and simple which is how I like things to be. Well, I just got another ad for a free photobook from shutterfly so I decided I would use it for a wedding album. When we got married, I made sure to get a really good photographer because I love professional pictures. I had an album created at that time but it holds relatively few photos and I picked all of the formal shots of Phil and I, our family and the wedding party for that album. There wasn't really room for the ceremony and all the special moments of the day. Well, I spent the past 2 days creating another wedding album and I am so excited about getting it in the mail. I think it will turn out really nice. I added extra pages this time so I had to pay for that. However, today I opened my email and they had free shipping for the next 3 days so I would have gotten my book completely free if I hadn't added those extra pages. If you've never tried to create a photobook online, I would encourage it because once you know what you're doing, it's super easy to add, crop, and edit photos in the book. You end up with a beautifully bound book that can be treasured for years to come.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Birthday Pictures

On Sunday I celebrated my 26th birthday. Am I that old already? We kept it pretty low-key but had a nice overall day. On Saturday, I asked Phil if he would help me make my birthday cake. We haven't made homemade birthday cakes for awhile and a Boston Cream Pie cake sounded really good. He agreed to help...the man is hardly ever in the kitchen (although he's been helping with dinners lately! yeah!) and he definitely NEVER bakes. We had a fun time making the 3 parts of the cake together. Although I definitely realize why it's usually ME in the kitchen by myself. Have you ever seen how a man leaves a kitchen when he's done with it? I've included a few pictures in case you were wondering. The cake was almost a flop because neither cake wanted to come out of the pan whole, the pudding center turned liquidy in the bowl and I had to reheat/rethicken it. At that point, I almost gave up. It was really cute though because Phil said, "Is it my fault?" I told him it wasn't. He then said, "It's okay, just blame me for ruining it." It wasn't his fault though. We managed to salvage the cake and we made the chocolate topping the next day. It tasted wonderful. We enjoyed it the night of my birthday and I took the left0ver to work where it disappeared within 15 minutes.

The day of my birthday, we went to church in the morning and then out to Chinese for lunch. We tried to pick up my nausea meds from the pharmacy but it was closed. Although I enjoyed my lunch, I didn't feel very good when we got home so I slept for a good part of the afternoon. I've been wanting to go walking down by the river in Glenwood so we did that in the evening. The weather was beautiful and we enjoyed the little park that we had never been to before.

For dinner, we found this little diner and the food and prices were great. We will definitely be going back again!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Ultrasound Pics

Well, I've given up on the ultrasounds for the time being. The pictures aren't great quality. I took pictures of the ultrasound pics my doctor gave to me. Baby is holding her hands together in one. See if you can make out anything from these. Baby's definitely getting bigger and pushing harder on my stomach every day.

Thursday, September 06, 2007


I tried for 2 hours to post the videos and I couldn't get them to work. I first tried in blogger but it was taking forever so I added a video to Youtube but then I couldn't use the HTML in blogger. So, I uploaded the whole video in blogger and it loaded all 68mb but then wouldn't finish. I'm frustrated and going to bed. Maybe we'll get it to work later. We'll see.

21 Week Ultrasound

I'm sorry I didn't get the videos up on the blog yesterday. I forgot after my long day of work. I'm excited to post them and see them again. They're taking forever to upload so I'm going to do one at a time and then post them. Hope you enjoy the videos. Our Baby is a cutie! There is one time where she actually grasps her hands together in front of her during one of the videos. She danced around during the whole ultrasound procedure.

My belly is beginning to feel big. I know it's going to get much bigger and more awkward as time goes on. When I have to bend over, I feel like I'm squishing Baby. So far, I've still been able to sleep just fine at night. Baby usually kicks when I go to bed but she settles down fairly quickly and once I'm asleep I haven't yet been woken by her kicks...just having to go to the bathroom multiple times a night. Right now, as I type, she's doing somersaults and gymnastics. I'm so excited to meet our little one in a few months!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

It's a...

Drumroll please...

we found out today...

our baby is made of...

Sugar and spice and everything nice!

That's right, we're having a little GIRL!!!

She's still making me sick most days but boy is she cute. :) We have a number of ultrasound videos that I'll be posting later. They're each a few minutes long and not super interesting as much of the video is the doctor taking measurements. However, you'll be able to see our cute baby girl. She's measuring right at 21 weeks 2 days. We understand that although we've been told we're having a girl there is a chance we can be suprised later on. Throughout the half-hour ultrasound the doctor kept checking and she kept saying, "Still looks like a little girl to me." :) It was especially fun today because it was Phil's first time seeing our little one. I think he really enjoyed it. We have some names that we like but I'm probably not going to be sharing them online until the baby is born. Although I would have been happy with a baby boy as well, I'm super excited about having a little girl! I'll post the video's tomorrow. Come back then to see the ultrasounds.