Monday, July 18, 2011

A Little of This and That...

Wow…I haven’t posted since March?! Life’s been busy here in Durango!  Since it’s been awhile, I’ll just share a summary of what’s been happening in our little world.

We’re definitely all moved in and settled here. We are loving our little town. There are so many things to do outdoors and around town. I’m SO VERY THANKFUL that we moved in late Spring so we can enjoy these beautiful sunny, CO summer days. They’re pretty awesome! I started sewing and have been making tons of little girl dresses. My favorite dresses are made using a repurposed men’s dress shirt. Every time Taeya wears hers, she gets compliments while we’re out. I’m definitely not an expert sewer but I’m having fun learning how to sew and reading crafty/sewing blogs.

Brecken is getting oh so big! He’s over 20 lbs now. He was 20 point something mid-June so I can only guess what he is now!! He eats nearly two times as much as Taeya most meals. Guess he’s in a growth spurt! He now has 6 sweet {and sometimes not so sweet} pearly whites. He cut two his bottom two at the end of April? And his front 4 top teeth he cut in a 6 day span in early July.

We celebrated Phil’s 28th birthday. He’s not a huge cake fan so we made him pudding with chocolate chips in it. Of course we added birthday candles that Taeya was allowed to help blow out. This past Saturday we went up to Silverton and had a wonderful family day together exploring the town and some back-country roads. It’s certainly majestic country! God’s handiwork is breathtaking. Phil and I have been trying to go out to dinner on a date for his birthday but don’t really have babysitters at this point. While in Silverton, we went to a nice restaurant called Handlebars (as in moustache). We had the kiddos with us but thankfully, both were well behaved. I made sure they brought Phil a birthday dessert and sang to him. Instead of candles, they stuck in a sparkler, which was fun. My camera battery died earlier in the day so I didn’t get any good pictures.

The kids and I took a trip to CA in early June for almost 2 weeks. It was wonderful going back to see many friends and family. I haven’t been back for 2 ½ years so it was a real treat. Phil’s mom, dad and brother came to visit us here in CO near the end of June. We had a wonderful time with them as well. I’ll have to post some pictures of our adventures.

Last but not least, I just was hired as a swim instructor at a pool close by. I’m teaching M-F five mornings a week for about 3 hours. It’s fun to do but I’m definitely grateful it’s only for four weeks. It’s hard being a working mom…even for such a short time!! I enjoy working with the kids and being in the pool again but definitely notice the time away from MY kids as well as the missed hours at home (my house is a mess!!).

Guess that about catches me up. I have tons and tons of pictures of course over the past few months. I’ll post a few of my favorites.