Thursday, February 11, 2010

Christmas and a Birthday

Well, I still haven't finished sending out my Christmas cards, yeah, the ones that say "Merry Christmas" on them, so I guess it's still okay to do a Christmas post.


We had a wonderful time having family come out before and after Christmas. Although we had some trouble with flights arriving and such, and the little ones and many of the adults were sick with headcolds, we had a great time just getting together as family. I'm so glad everyone was able to come hang out with us in Colorado. My family all came before Christmas and stayed just a little after Christmas and Phil's family arrived on New Year's Eve and stayed for just over a week.

Taeya got spoiled by WAY too many presents from doting grandparents and a certain aunt. Not only did I not know where I was going to put all her Christmas presents, then we still had her birthday presents to go through. :) She had a lovely 2nd birthday party, or actually three. (One party with my family, one with Phil's family and one with our pastor's family's girls who love Taeya dearly.) I can't believe my sweet girl is already 2 years old. She has changed so much in the past few months and although I still refer to her as "my baby" it's getting hard to find the few traces of baby that still remain.