Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Catching Up

Last Saturday, Phil and I drove to Snowmass to see the village and the scenery. It was SO beautiful. Fall has come to Colorado (in some areas). The leaves were turning a brilliant golden yellow. The pictures can't even begin to do it justice. I'll post a few of my favorites but you really had to see it in person to appreciate the beauty of God's creation.

There was a large rainstorm in the distance. You can see it in some of the photos. We went out to a restaurant and when we left, we saw both tips of a large rainbow. Thank you God for your promises to us.

Taeya also had fun hanging out in the high chair at the restaurant. She managed to turn herself sideways and straddle the chair.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wheelbarrow Baby, New Foods & My Surprise

Phil and I had fun getting a little video of Taeya doing the wheelbarrow the other day. She's not yet crawling although she's working hard on it. If you'd like to see the wheelbarrow video, click on the link below. I was unable to embed the video for some reason this time.

I have this weird desire to take pictures of Taeya when she's eating new foods. I think it's so funny to see how she feeds herself and how much she enjoys her food. Here are a few pictures of her this week eating spaghetti and biscuits and gravy for the first time. She thoroughly enjoyed both. Although I didn't take pictures of it tonight, she had rice and beans for dinner and looked like a porcupine meatball by the time she was finished. It was straight to the tub for her.

This first picture is what happens when I try to feed her if the lawmowing people are working outside. It's hard to feed the back of her head I've found.
Stuffing the spaghetti.

From this point on, she started to smush so much so much gravy on her face it blocked her nose. Crazy girl.

This was AFTER I had wiped her nose off so she could breathe.

Surprise to ME! Phil gave me a big surprise yesterday when he brought home flowers for me just because. Awe, what a sweet guy. This was extra special because it's the FIRST time he's EVER given me flowers. (He's given me many other sweet gifts but never flowers). I really appreciated them and they made my day.

Craigslist Items

Thought I'd share this with my blog friends as well. Any takers?

I am selling all of the following items. Pictures of each item can be seen by going to my picasa album. Just click here: http://picasaweb.google.com/meganomesh/CraigslistItems I am willing to deal locally or ship items. Payments must be made using cash or Paypal. I’m putting prices with the items but feel free to make an offer.

Genuine sheepskin car seat cover. ($12) The front of the seat cover is real sheepskin while the back is is fake sheepskin. Silver grey color. This is a used car seat cover. Some wear shows on the right side. Look closely at the picture and you can see a tiny bit of the leather showing through the fur. Still in good condition though and will keep your seat warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Gap Denim/Jean Skirt, Size 14 ($4)
This is a beautiful carpenter style jean skirt from the Gap. Women’s Size 14. This skirt is very comfortable to wear and falls just below the knee.

Old Navy, Jean Skirt, Size 14, Large (3)
This is a very cute button-up jean skirt from Old Navy. It is knee length or just above the knee, depending on size.

Tan Shirt, Size L ($3)
This item is new and has never been worn. The top is very flattering and comfortable. Has a beautiful tie sash around the middle (it’s attached). Size Large. It would comfortably fit a medium build as well.

Blue/Green Maternity Sweater ($4)—Size L, Old Navy Maternity. Zippered front with two pockets and a hood. Very cute.

Light Blue Maternity Sweater & Purple Maternity Sweater ($6 for both)—Both sweaters are identical in everything but color. They are both size Large and made by In Due Time Maternity. They are both button up and very soft.

24 oz. Similac Infant Formula ($4)

Montres Carlo Watch for Him, New in Box. ($30) Water Resistant. Stainless Steele Back. Quartz Face. Comes in gift box.

Targus Laptop Bag. ($15) Looks brand new and has no scuffs or wear on it. Plenty of room for your laptop and other accessories.

Orion TV. ($15) I’m not sure what size it is offhand but I’m guessing it’s about a 19 inch screen. If you’re interested, I’ll measure it and give you the exact dimensions. (pick-up only)

Two matching large floor speakers. ($30 for pair)These speakers work great and produce high quality sound. (pick-up only)

M & M Fire Truck Candy Dispenser. ($8) Official M & M Limited edition collectible. Comes with fire truck and a bag of M & M’s. New in box. This would be a great gift for a child who loves candy and fire trucks.

Healthometer scale. ($5) Barely used. Works great and gives an accurate weight if placed on a hard surface. There’s an adjustor knob on the back so you can make sure it’s always calibrated to zero for accurate measurement.

Small Singer Sewing Box. ($4) This box would be great for a beginning sewing or someone more advanced. Has a number of little bins to store items in and one drawer on the front. It’s not a huge box but has plenty of storage space for sewing items.

Avent Microwave Steam Bottle Sterilizer. ($5) This item has received excellent reviews by mothers who bottle-feed their babies. Safe, speedy sterilization that’s as easy as 1-2-3. You just put a little water in the bottom of the tray, load up your bottles, pacifiers, plastic toys etc. put the cover on and microwave it. The steam kills all the germs and sanitizes the items much faster than the dishwasher or the stove would. I have the original box it came in as well. Item costs $30 new.

Creative Memories Small Papercutter/photocutter. ($5) The surface area of this cutter measure 4x7inches. Great for small projects or trimming photos.

Eddie Bauer Back-seat Mirror. ($4) Keep a little one entertained with a baby-safe mirror designed to attach to a headrest. Soft fabric edges and two Velcro wedges to make it easy to adjust the mirror so the driver can easily see the rear-facing infant. There are a couple scuff marks on the mirror. They are slightly visible in the first photo. Multiple attachments fit almost any car.

Graco High Chair with removable parent tray. ($15) This is a great high chair. Very sturdy and easy to clean. Snap on tray has a bar to make sure your baby does slide out. There is also a seat belt as well. Cover is easily washable and can be flipped over for a reversible print. (Shown in photos). One of the best features of this high chair is the parent feeding tray that can be attached if desired. It makes an easy place to set down jars of food, washcloths etc. but puts it out of the little ones reach. (Pick-up only).

http://picasaweb.google.com/meganomesh/CraigslistItems See photos of every item listed above.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Anyone Interested?

I'd be...
I picked up the mail when I got back from Denver today (I'll blog about that later) and in the mail I received a book exchange letter. It's one of those chain letters where you send out one book and eventually, you're supposed to get 36 back. I'm usually not a chain letter kind of person but I thought I'd participate in this one. However, since I don't want to send it to people who don't really want to participate, I thought I'd ask on my blog and see if there are six people willing to participate? Just leave a comment in my blog if you'd like to participate and I'll send you an email with the letter. I love books (especially children's books) and thought this would be a fun way to get a variety of books for Taeya that I may not have heard of before.

Here's the gist of what you have to do if you want to participate:

You send one book to the child listed in #1 on the form. Then you give a copy of the letter to six friends. You put your child's name in #2 which is then moved to the number one slot for the next six people. Within a week, you're supposed to send your book and the six letters and within a few weeks your child should get 36 books if everyone participates.

So, I'm interested to see if I can get 6 people to participate. (This is an easy way to find friends who want to participate without involving people who don't want to participate. You can even copy and paste my blog post on your blog if you'd like to).

Monday, September 15, 2008

Taeya Time

Just a post of some pictures I want to share of Taeya from a few days ago.

Here she is sitting in her little booster seat. She was pretty proud of herself. It's like Goldilocks sitting in baby bear's chair...it's JUST right.
Look Mom! No hands!
Here she is tasting a golf ball we found on our walk. She's taste it for awhile then drop it. We were on a pretty steep hill walking back down so the ball would roll a ways and then end up in the grass so I'd pick it up and give it to her again. She did the same thing about 5 times and then I finally stopped retreiving it for her.
She's inspecting the ball to make sure it's clean before eating it. ha (Can you tell I'm not a germaphobe)

What a cute little girl. She LOVES bathtime.Here's Taeya standing in her crib for the first time. Again, very proud of herself. Of course, she had to make sure her crib tasted good. Um, I'm not supposed to be down here! She wasn't too happy when she fell. She wasn't happy when I laid her down for her nap either. She wanted to keep standing in her crib. Guess she'll have to learn how to pull up for that.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Birthday Dinner

The night of my birthday, Taeya was a bit tired but I really didn't want to cook at home so we went out to one of our five local restaurants. I was not impressed with my dinner and wouldn't eat there again. However, we had a nice evening as a family.

Taeya trying to decide what to order.
Einny, Meinie, Miny, Mo...
Our happy family.
Taeya's enjoying her first bite of cheesecake.
There's my name Mommy.
Can you tell that she likes the cheesecake?
More, more...I want more!
She didn't turn down any offers.
Phil, Taeya and I all enjoyed the cheesecake. I jokingly said it's probably so good because they didn't make it. Phil and I both laughed over that. Even though I didn't enjoy dinner very much, I had a nice birthday and felt blessed by my family and friends.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Shoe Survery-Please participate!

As I walk outside, I am beginning to feel like Fall is approaching. I'm excited for the cooler weather, the crisp, clean air and the changing of the leaves. However, with the cold, I realize I need to make a few changes to Taeya's wardrobe. #1 change being that I need to buy her shoes. My darling girl has gone barefoot all summer except at night when she wears her pj's with feet or her sleepsack.

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you've probably noticed that I like saving money and getting good deals. So, I'm asking my blog readers for some advice. If you have children, please tell me where you purchase your children's shoes, what's the average price you end up paying, if there's any good online company's to buy from, if you have shoes you want to donate to Taeya (I'm only partially kidding) or anything else that would be helpful to me as I delve into the infant shoe world. Oh, and please do tell me what brand of infant toddler shoes you like the best and why.

Thank you in advance for sharing any thoughts. I'm sure my little girl will greatly appreciate it (as would her mother).

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Eating and Drinking

I know, I know, this kind of stuff will bore most everyone. However, because I love my daughter so much, I think everything she does is amazing. :) So, bear with me as I share pictures and video of her eating and drinking.
One of her favorite foods these days is graham crackers. I was letting her feed some to herself and she was trying to cram this really wide piece into her mouth so I tried to get a picture of it. I didn't manage to get it before she was able to cram the whole thing in her mouth but I thought I'd show you what I mean. She does this with most of her food. If it doesn't fit the first time, just keep cramming and it'll go in.

This past week, she's also gotten much more consistent about being able to use a sippy cup by herself. She still likes me to help her sometime but quite often, she'll hold it with both hands and drink away on her own.

The funny face she's making in a few of these pictures she often makes during meals. Sometimes she does it with food she likes, but usually it's with foods she's not as fond of. She just cracks me up!


Taeya's New Toy & My B-day

Well, today is my birthday. I am now 27 years old. I'm feeling less like a young adult and more like an adult as the years go by. I have had a nice day with several family members calling and Phil, Taeya and I are planning on going out to eat tonight. I'm thinking Thai but that might change. I did go to the dentist today...silly of me, I know. When the receptionist called yesterday regarding my filling that had partially fallen out, she said they had an opening today. Since my schedule was open and I thought I could find someone to watch Taeya, I took the spot before remembering that it was my birthday. Thankfully, it wasn't a bad trip as they didn't have to numb and drill anything, they just put a tiny patch on my tooth so it turned out alright.

Over the weekend, we went to a friend's house to celebrate her first birthday. While we were there, they let me borrow their jump-up seat because their daughter didn't like it at all. Click on the video to see Taeya's reaction.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Labor Day and LOTS of pictures

Aren't we a cute little family?Well, it's only been a week since Labor Day. I've posted about other things but haven't made time to post about the fun we had on Labor Day.
We decided to get out and about instead of sitting at home. We went to visit Rifle Falls. The nice thing about them is that you park and only have to walk in a few hundred feet to see them. No hiking miles and miles. :) We got there and paid our entrance fee. The falls were very pretty and Taeya enjoyed them. She kept cooing and saying "aaahhh." We didn't stay at the falls very long because a storm was coming in. We could have hiked up above the falls (which I wanted to do, but couldn't convince Phil to do because of the raindrops).

Posing with Rifle falls behind us.

Wow! That's pretty cool.

How'd I get up here?
I'm up high!We thought Taeya might enjoy some tree "climbing"

I'm SO strong! But hey, this rock is getting pretty heavy.

Taeya was VERY happy standing here looking at the stream below.

I'm going to be a spleunker when I grow up!
As we were heading out, we saw the sign for the fish hatchery which we heard was fun to visit. It was just down the road about a mile so we went there. Entrance was free and they give you little dixie cups of food to feed to the fish. Taeya had fun watching all the fish flop around and eat their food. She seemed even more excited here than at the falls. The hatchery was really interesting. They have rows and rows of fish getting ready to stock the rivers and lakes of CO. The lady that worked there said last year they stocked CO w/about 4.8 million fish last year. Taeya discovered flowers again. Her little hands just wanted to grasp and squash the little beauties. We left the hatchery when it really did start to rain. All in all, it was a very fun day.

Taeya was mesmerized by the flowers.

They're so preeeettttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
One of Taeya's favorite activities these days is standing up. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. I know there were lots but I wanted to share my favorites.