Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Life As it Is

Well, this past month has flown by! Things are going very well pregnancy wise. I heard baby's heartbeat at the doctor's this past week. (14 weeks along). I don't feel like I've grown much yet. I can still wear all of my regular jeans. I've been trying to take some more pregnancy pics but haven't gotten many pics because I've just been so busy. My OB wants me to get a level 2 ultrasound soon. As far as they've told me, everything is looking good with the baby. I think they just want to be extra cautious because of my liver disease and because Taeya was so tiny in utero.

I've been working a ton lately, which is hard at times but is also a huge praise as Phil is still out of work. What am I doing? I'm tutoring, babysitting 2 days a week, working for the Census, gardening for my HOA and will probably start teaching swim lessons in a couple weeks.

As a family, we drove to Las Vegas Mother's Day weekend. We were meeting up with Phil's parents to spend a little time with them. Phil's dad just boarded a ship yesterday and will deploy for the next number of months. We had a really nice time hanging out. Grandma, I and Taeya LOVED the pool and spent as much time as we could there. I have some pictures I'll post when I get around to downloading them from my camera. We brought back Timmy, Phil's brother, and Bruiser his parents dog. When we returned home, we also ended up getting another renter as well. He's the stepson of our first renter, who is still here as well. Needless to say, it's been VERY BUSY around here. Next week, Phil's mom and sister will be joining us for about 5 days. Good thing we have lots of room in our house!! We'll be one big happy family!

The past two days, I've had a constant headache that I haven't been able to get rid of with Tylenol. I don't get very many headaches and usually, if I take medicine, they disappear immediately. I have a lot of stress in my back from our drive to and from Vegas as well as all the Census work I've been doing. I'm thinking the muscle stress is causing the headaches. I need to get a message or find a chiro who can help me out I think.Well, that's about all that's going on lately. Just a little bit of busy. :)