Sunday, January 30, 2011

One Cute Little Dude

The Cutest bum around

I love this expression

Talkin' with mama

Look how strong I am?

2 months, 3 weeks old

Friday, January 21, 2011


I don't recall if I've mentioned this on my blog and since it's 3:44 AM and I'm up with the little guy (who isn't feeling well) I'm not up for reading through past posts to see if I've written about this in a previous post. We're moving in 6 weeks!! After many months of looking for jobs and countless interviews and meetings, the Lord opened a door and we'll be moving to another town in CO at the beginning of March. I wanted to share about the job opportunity as I know I've mentioned our unemployment in the past. Since this is a public blog, I don't want to share much more than that but we are thrilled to have a job although sad to leave our friends and home.

Another location, another adventure. We're getting ready for it and boxes are getting packed, walls are getting patched and painting as we anticipate moving day.

And because Taeya hasn't frequented my blog as much as Brecken lately...AND I haven't been taking as many pictures of late due to the above circumstances, here are two of my oldest sweetie.
Showing me some little interesting object that needed a photo taken of it.

Here, Taeya is petting her snail that Daddy helped her create.
Now, if I can just figure out a way to help Brecken's tummy feel better, I can go back to bed. :) We've been up since 2:30 AM and it's now almost 4:00 AM.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Brecken Update

Brecken is starting to really interact with us. He smiles and coos often when we get close and talk to him. He has also started enjoying his playmat. I had him laying on it yesterday and he was kicking the toys vigorously with his feet, hitting them with his hand and licking one that was hanging near his face. He's also been sucking on his hands quite a bit. Still having trouble opening his hand enough to actually suck on his fingers but he sure does try!
What's happening?!

"Helping" me cook in the kitchen

Getting so strong

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Come Visit My New Blog

Okay, I mentioned the other day that I was thinking of creating a new blog to share my thrifty ideas. I was leaning against it the other day but decided to give it a go. I have lots of ideas of simple and thrifty things to blog about and will be working very hard to update it every day. I would love for you to follow my new blog if it's something you'd be interested in. Check it out here. It's called Simply Thrifty.

Grandparent Time

It's such a special treat when we get to see our families. We really enjoyed having Phil's family come out to visit after Christmas. Grandparents are always full of snuggles!

Grandma Terry got as many snuggles in with Brecken as she could!
Here's Grandma and Taeya showing off Taeya's new jammies from Singapore.
Grandpa Steve comforting Brecken
Grandma Terry playing with Brecken

Friday, January 07, 2011

Taeya's First Time Snowboarding

Here's a short video clip and some pictures of Taeya's first ever attempts at snowboarding. Although it was a mere 6 degrees or so outside, she managed to do these two little runs and a few times on the sled before she left to play on the playground at the bottom of the hill. Both times she went down, she had a huge smile on her face. She also knew how to unstrap her feet all by herself when she was done. Great job Taeya!

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Two Months Old

Brecken's doing a good job holding his head up while sitting. 
Brecken turned two months old on Monday. He is such a sweet baby and is a BIG growing boy. He had his two-month check-up yesterday and he weighed a healthy 13 lbs 4.7 oz. I looked in my baby book and he and I were almost exactly the same size at 2 months. I was 13 lbs 6 oz at two months, two weeks old.

Taeya making Brecken do the "chubby bunny." Surprisingly, he doesn't mind when Taeya does this.

I'm getting more and more comments about how much Taeya and Brecken look alike. It's fun to see them together and see how similar their features really are.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Even though Brecken is only 2 months old, I love seeing my children interact together. Taeya loves her little brother and constantly goes up to him to give him hugs or snuggle with him. It surprises me sometimes because at 3, she's not exactly super gentle when handling him. However, he loves her affections and almost never complains or cries when she squeezes him a bit too tight. I am so excited to see their relationship develop as they both get older.