Saturday, December 09, 2006

Christmas Tree (the real one) & Decorating

Well, today Phil and I actually went hunting for OUR Christmas tree. We went to the tree lot that is owned by one of my student's parents. (No, I didn't get a discount...although I wish we had!) We walked in, looked around briefly and then met a worker who was going to show us some new trees that had just come in. I saw one in a stand while he was talking to us and I said, "How about this one Phil?" He looked and we took it. Pretty easy trip. We toted the tree home and set it up. I think it looks beautiful and I LOVE having the house decorated for Christmas. It's such a nice time of year! One of my favorite things I did today was decorate my railing. It turned out beautiful. After I took these pictures, I set up my Nativity that I received from Katie Coffin and her mom for my bridal shower. I LOVE it and set it up on my new buffet. It looks so perfect there. Anyways, enjoy the pics.

Phil came home the other day and found Puma sleeping in our wreath. We had to take it off of the door temporarily because it had been painted. Here's a cute picture of Puma sitting in it. I couldn't get one of her sleeping in it.

My beautiful stair railing

Our pretty tree

A Christmas hanging made with love by
Great Grandma Della. She gave it to me last Christmas.


jenylu said...

Pretty tree & railing. :)

Grandma would have enjoyed seeing the picture of your wallhanging. :)

Those kitties are quite an adventure with the Christmas decorations! Squiggy is quite taken with ours.

Terry Zachary said...

Meggie, It looks beautiful! You are such a blessing to Phillip to create such a beautiful and peaceful home! Wish we could visit! Mom Z.

Becky Lynn said...

Your tree and everything look really great....I especially love the wall hanging. My next project (after my C-mas projects are done) is to find and begin a Christmas wall hanging.....because it wouldn't be done until next Christmas. I just love what your Grandma della did!

SJ said...

Looks great - love the railing - glad you all were able to come up - - - - and glad to hear you are enjoying Catan :)

SJ said...

Looks great - love the railing - glad you all were able to come up - - - - and glad to hear you are enjoying Catan :)

Rachel O. said...

mgean I love that picture you took with the christmas ornament and the tree in the pretty and unique! And your kitty is simply adorable adorned with his beautiful wreath!

The Koegle Family said...

Your place looks great! I actually got on the decorating thing early this year and am really enjoying it! Cole's new favorite saying is, "Don't touch the (da) decorations." It's totally easy to tell what he's saying too. Pretty cute! Hope your Christmas season goes well and that we get to run into each other at some point! :)

Sarah said...

You did a great job with the house. It looks so warm and cozy. Wish we could come caroling then come in for a cup of cocoa and play catan.