Saturday, October 06, 2007


I have been looking at different bedding in stores and online. I found one I liked that I bid on on Ebay and I am so excited because I won it today!!! I could post a picture from the ebay page but I think I'll wait until I get the bedding set up in the baby's room. I think it'll be very pretty and will look nice with the theme I've chosen. (I bid on the same bedding set two days ago and lost. I'm glad though because I got it for $15 less the second time around.) I think this will finally make me feel like progress is being made in the baby's room.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE ebay :) I get a lot of Christmas presents on there for people. Great deals if you can find the right thing! Good for you!
-Rachel O.

Windy City Survivors said...

Yeah for ebay. I'm always buying on there. Congrats on your better win!