Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mail Delivery

My sister sent a card to me this week and she told me before it arrived that it was going to be funny. I went and checked the mail yesterday and this is what I found.

I saw the baggie and thought, "Bekah must have torn it up and Sarah decided to mail it anyways." I thought that was what made it funny until I turned the card over. (I edited the addresses off the card to protect my privacy). On the back of the plastic bag I found this:

In case you can't read it, it's from the United States Postal Service and it says, "We Care" It then goes on to say how they really regret the damage caused during their handling. They understand that we expect our mail to be delivered in good condition. Occasionally, this happens to mail when using their machines etc. etc.

So, it wasn't Bekah that tore it up. It was the postal service. I found it hilarious that they retaped the envelope for me and made sure most of the letter was included inside. Due to the letter/envelope/check being in 11 different pieces, I had to take it home and retape it before I could actually read it. Here's what the final product looked like. A piece of the check is missing but the rest is there.
The reason my sister thought it was funny was because she needed to send me a card but only had a birthday card on hand so she used it even though it wasn't my birthday. I had some good laughs over this card. :) Hope your mail arrives in a bit better shape then mine did this week.


Julie said...

Oh wow!!! That IS funny :)

Sarah said...

Well,at least it made for a great post and you got two giggles out of it instead of one. They really shreaded that card, didn't they?

LaurieR said...

Wow, that is funny! The funniest I have ever heard of is when a bag of mail was discovered over 50 years after it should have been delivered, so when the people got their mail (for those the post office was able to identify) It was all "old" news!