Thursday, January 06, 2011

Two Months Old

Brecken's doing a good job holding his head up while sitting. 
Brecken turned two months old on Monday. He is such a sweet baby and is a BIG growing boy. He had his two-month check-up yesterday and he weighed a healthy 13 lbs 4.7 oz. I looked in my baby book and he and I were almost exactly the same size at 2 months. I was 13 lbs 6 oz at two months, two weeks old.

Taeya making Brecken do the "chubby bunny." Surprisingly, he doesn't mind when Taeya does this.

I'm getting more and more comments about how much Taeya and Brecken look alike. It's fun to see them together and see how similar their features really are.

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Sarah Kuhner said...

What a cutie Brecken is. He is so alert and smiley. Love the pictures.