Tuesday, July 04, 2006

No Internet...No Blogland

I apologize for the lack of blogging for those of you who actually read this blog. We've had no internet for 3 weeks and won't have it for another week all because we wanted to change the name on our phone bill!!! I won't even begin to go into the number of hours I've spent on the phone trying to get the internet set up again. Sigh. Anyways, a summary of what I've been up to these past few weeks.

School ended successfully the 16th of June. :) I then worked on a reading assessment for my district the following week. My sister came down to visit that Friday and we did A LOT of shopping. Phil and I finally got our beautiful new couch and dropped the old gross one off at the dumpster. (Pictures will come later once I'm back on my own computer and can download pics...I'm on my mom's right now). So, since we had new couches, I felt it was finally time to start decorating in the living room. We bought two beautiful pictures, 4 couch pillows, a new chair and a plant. I'm still working on it but let's just say it looks MUCH better than it ever did before!

My mom flew down the Tuesday after Sarah came. It was my jury duty week so I had to call each evening to see if I had to go in. Nothing Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. However, I was called in on Thursday much to my dismay. I was planning on driving back to Santa Rosa with my mom and sister on Friday so I was hoping for no jury duty. However, when I got called in, I got seated on the prospective jury panel. It was going to be a 5-6 day trial and because of the 4th of July it was going to be about 2 weeks total including selection and deliberation. I had to go back on Friday because they hadn't kicked any of the jurors off yet. There were a lot of people who basically said things that made them get kicked off. Even though I didn't really want to be there because I had other plans, I wanted to be honest in everything I said and I really didn't have any reason why I shouldn't be on the jury. They kicked off 11 people who had all said things that would have made them not great jurors. All of a sudden the defense attorney said, "please thank and dismiss juror number 8." I quickly looked at my number and MUCH TO MY SURPISE realized she had just dismissed me!! Whew! I was off and very relieved! Although I would love to do my civic duty at another time, it was a relief to get dismissed at this time!

So, Sarah, mom and I drove up to Santa Rosa that day and arrived at 10 pm that night. We stayed in SR for 2 days and drove up to Redding on Monday. My mom's having neck surgery next Monday so I'll be here to help her for almost 2 weeks. I wasn't originally planning on coming up this summer but after I realized she needed someone to help her get to appointments, cook etc. I decided that it was more important than teaching swim lessons during that time. So, here I am. Unfortunately, Phil is still in Southern Cal. So, if you read my blog and know Phil, he may appreciate a dinner invite or something along those lines. Hope all is well with those in blogland.

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kludge said...

Being without the Internet is like being without your big toe. You think you can get by, but really, you never realized how much you needed it.

I feel your pain. Welcome back to the land of the living