Sunday, October 29, 2006

A Nice Relaxing Weekend

We have been really busy the past few weekends between me flying to Santa Rosa for Sarah's baby shower, our Knottscary Farm adventure, a missions trip to Mexico (sorry I didn't blog about it...I didn't take any pictures!) and three activities last weekend. Phil arrived home after a week of work training this past Monday through Friday in Cleveland.

Soooo...this weekend we have relaxed. Yesterday, we tried out The Grove in downtown L.A. We enjoyed it and ate at The Cheesecake Factory for dessert. This morning we woke up and were running a bit late for church until we drove in the parking lot and there was no one there. Yes, we forgot the time change so we actually got to eat breakfast and get to church early! Best of both worlds...we just missed out on our extra hour of sleep. We'll catch up on that tonight.

This evening, we enjoyed a nice dinner over at our new friends,' the Luna's, and afterwords, headed out to the tennis courts for an enjoyable game of pairs tennis. Phil and I won the match 6-2 but the Luna's put up a good fight.

Sorry's this isn't a very exciting post...not too much really happening here. Oh, for a picture, I'll post a Solar System bulletin board I completed this week. The kids painted all of the planets. Not too bad for 5th graders huh? I'm proud of them. :)


SJ said...

Cool bulleting board - I love the ones the kids helped to do! Good thing you were able to relax - we all need that! It was great having you here for Sarah's shower :)

Sarah Roeber said...

I just rediscovered your site... Your neice is so precious!! Give my congratulations to Chris & Sarah!

jenylu said...

Thank goodness for that extra hour Sunday. I wish we could do that at least once a month! :)

Megan C. said...

I've wished many times that we had 26 hour days...with the extra two hours available for SLEEP (not work!)