Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Camps' Playdate

One of the families in our Sunday School class, the Clark's have 3 children: Jordan, Matthew and Morgan. A few weeks ago, Morgan asked her mom, "Mom, when do I get to have a playdate with Megan." Her mom thought about it for a minute and then began asking Morgan which Megan she was talking about. She replied with a few Megans that she knew near Morgan's age. Morgan then said, "No Mom, Miss Megan. She wanted to have a playdate with ME. :) Anyways, her mom mentioned to me when we were down in Mexico a few weeks ago what Morgan had said and I told her I'd have her over for a playdate and we could make cookies. Well, today at church we were talking about it again and Phil said all the kids could come over to hang out after church. So, today Phil and I have our very first "playdate." Or, at least our first in a long time. I don't know how many grown-ups get asked to have playdates but I feel very special. So, if your kids want to have a playdate with us too, maybe all you need to do is ask. We might be up for it. :) We had fun and fed the kids lunch afterwhich, the boys all played videogames and Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) and Morgan and I baked Thanksgiving themed sugar cookies and frosted them. We all had a great time.

Phil and the boys playing DDR

Morgan and I showing off our beautiful cookies.

Morgan with her dark brown frosting she created
(you can't see the frosting that's on her face too).


Rachel O. said...

wow! I love what you've done with your page! And wow, what a great time it looks like you had with those kids :) It's a blessing when little kids can look up to you and want to do everything just like you! Oh and thanks for filling out the getting to know you e-mail, it was fun :)

jenylu said...

Good job Miss Megan -- I'm sure you made FIVE Clarks very happy that day! :-)

Sarah said...

Megan, you are so cute. The playdate looked really fun. I know Bekah would love a play date with you. In just a couple of weeks she will take you up on it.

SJ said...

Looks like tons of fun!

Megan C. said...

jenylu-I'm sure we did make 5 Clark's happy. :) We had fun too.

Sarah-can't wait for that playdate! Hopefully there will be many in our future together.

The Koegle Family said...

You guys rock!! I would have loved to see Phil working it on the Dance Dance Revolution! I'm sure it was a blast! :)