Sunday, November 12, 2006

Museums and Visiting

Well, this weekend, my parents drove back from Phoenix and stayed with us for two nights. Phil was fighting a fever (which I am praying none of the rest of us get) so he stayed home most of the weekend. On Saturday, Mom, Dad and myself drove to LA to visit the Gene Autry Museum. They had an exhibit of Yosemite that was beautiful and a great deal of Native American and History of the West. We saw many beautiful artifacts and had a little fun at the same time. Mom got to star in her very first, very short film while riding on the back of a horseless sadle. As you can see, she was very in character. (You'll have to wait to see...I couldn't get those two pictures to load). I got to ride in my very first stagecoach...that didn't move and Mom and I ended up in jail near the end. We were able to pay off the bailif and exited freely with Dad.

That evening, since Phil was feeling better, we went out to a Japanese restaurant called Yamato's. If you haven't been to one, try it. We had a lot of fun watching the chef prepare our food in front of us and watching him make a flaming volcano with an onion.

Mom and Dad are now gone. I am fighting off Phil's sickness and trying to finish up my report cards. I only have FIVE more comments to write! I can do it!

This will be a pretty intense week at school as I have conferences Tuesday through Friday with 13 on Thursday alone! Hopefully, everyone is receptive to what I have to say. I can't wait for the week after next where I have an ENTIRE WEEK OFF!! YIPEE! Phil and I are going to visit the Kuhner's and I will get to see Baby Rebekah for the first time! I can hardly wait to spend some time with my sister, niece and the rest of the family. It's less than two weeks away!


SJ said...


Looks like you had a great time! Yes - you can do it - the report cards!!! I know how you are feeling - that was me last week! We had our conferences last week - I will be praying for you - you will do great!!!!!! We will see you in a few short weeks - time will fly!!!!!

jenylu said...

Looking forward to seeing you! :)

Sarah said...

I am praying that your conferences are good and quick. And for relaxed muscles and no fever. I can't wait to see you. The outing to the museum looked like fun.