Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Taeya-16 months

My little sweetie just turned 17 months yesterday. Here are a few pictures of her from the past month. She is a joy to be around most of the time. She is moving into a temper-tantrum stage which can definitely be challenging. Today, she pointed to the book, "Goodnight Moon" which was out of reach. She enjoys carrying books around with her but hasn't really shown an interest in actually listening when I read them to her. Today, as I was reading "Goodnight Moon" I asked her where the kitties where. She loved pointing them out and also pointed out the mouse when I asked her where it was. She loves her animals for sure!

What Taeya is Doing at 16 months
Walking more steadily
Climbs on the couch by herself (with effort!)
Love to play ball with anyone
Giggles a ton when tickled
Enjoy being scared by Mommy & Daddy
Beginning to use her imagination when she plays with her toys
Like to chew on ice (although I'm trying to break her of this)
Is always getting into trouble for standing up in her booster seat
Loves picking up smooth rocks outside (and licks them)
Helps Mom clean out the dishwasher (she hands me each item on the bottom, one at a time)
Sucks her fingers whenever she holds one of her soft blankies
When we're shopping, she'll reach forward and grab a handlful of my shirt and pull me to her
Dances to music
Says: Up, Please (puh), Mama, More, Book (uk), Points at many things and says "oh, ooh"
Understands SO MUCH of what we say to her

Taeya LOVES to play with her little plastic animals. Here she's making them climb up really high. :)
My dirty little girl was having fun playing on the balcony. She loves being outside. A picture from Mother's Day. The cute dress was a gift from some friends from church. Unfortunately, this is the best picture I was able to get of her on Mother's day.
All tuckered out from her time in the nursery.

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