Tuesday, April 06, 2010

9 Weeks Pregnant

I took my first pregnancy picture on Monday, April 5, when I was 9 weeks pregnant. The reason I'm holding out 2 fingers is because I'm 2 months along (and a week). I'm going to try to take month pictures throughout the whole pregnancy so I can see the changes along the way. You can't really tell I'm pregnant at this point. I can tell a little bit of a difference but it's not really visible yet.


Julie the Army Wife said...

So cute Megan :) Looks like you are 3 weeks ahead of me :)

running wildly said...

I haven't said yet, but CONGRATS!!!!!! I took photos every month for both my pregnancies....and then scrapbooked them with love. So fun to compare and contrast how big you are at such and such a time. Enjoy this!
Hope you're feeling ok.