Monday, April 05, 2010

A Fun Family Outing

At the end of March, Phil and I decided that we needed to get out of the house and do something fun with our little family. We drove to Grand Junction and made our first stop at Wendy's for frosties.

We then drove through the Colorado National Monument. It was stunning.

Taeya is scared of heights, hence her need to hang onto the fence as she tentatively looked over the edge of the cliff.

After driving through the National Monument, we took Taeya to a park to play. While we were there, we found out there was a little pond with ducks so Taeya had her first experiencing feeding the ducks. She loved it!

Taeya did some rolling down hills and running up and down them which she thought was great fun.

After hanging out at the park we drove to Chuck E Cheese. When Phil's parents were here after Christmas, Grandma took Taeya there and had a few leftover tokens that she left with us. We were able to take her there without spending a penny (thanks Grandma!). She had a very fun filled day and we enjoyed playing with our sweet girl and seeing the joy that the park and Chuck E Cheese brought her.

It was so wonderful to get out of the house and do a little something different as a family.
At the end of our fun filled day, we had a special treat and went out to dinner (with coupons of course!) I'm so glad we were able to just spend some great family time together making some wonderful memories. Phil and I are excited to take Taeya back to that park again to feed the ducks.


Ryan, Michaela, and Liam said...

Teaya looks like a big girl in these pictures...

And I was trying to get a good glimpse of your belly, but the photographs of you hide it quite well.
Happy Easter!

Terry said...

You don't need a lot of money being entertained to have the best fun! So glad you were able to use the tokens! Love the pictures! Feeding ducks used to be one of our favorite pasttimes when Phil, Tim and Sarah were little!

Megan said...

Michaela, I haven't really started showing yet. I took my first belly picture this week. It's still on my camera but I'll post it when I upload it to the computer.

Sarah Kuhner said...

Looks like you had a great time. Fun pictures! Taeya is such a cute little girl.