Wednesday, June 02, 2010

ER Visit-17 weeks 2 days

Well, on the way to my OB appointment today after 3 days of not feeling well, they called on my way there and said my doctor had been called into an emergency c-section and that I’d have to go to the Family Birthplace. I tried checking in at the hospital to the Family Birthplace but they decided to send me to the ER instead since I wasn’t 20 weeks along yet. So, down to the ER we (Phil, Taeya and I) went.

They checked me in pretty quickly which was nice. I explained that I’ve been having some abdominal pain for 3 days, my left arm has been tingly and I’ve been achy and just not feeling well all over. Very quickly after I arrived at the ER, the ultrasound tech came for me. We were able to see Baby Camp who is doing great!!! He/She is measuring right on schedule at 17 weeks 3 days (I’m 17 weeks 2 days). Everything looked great with the baby. The tech asked if we wanted to find out the gender which we said, “Yes!” She has a pretty good idea of what the baby is and printed some pictures for us. I'll do another post on that in a day or so. Sorry, I wrote it out but then decided to delete it. :) You'll have to wait a bit. I’ll be having another ultrasound down the road so we’ll check down there again I’m sure. Everything looked good on the ultrasound and they couldn’t find any abnormalities. Pictures of Baby Camp to come later.

Back to the ER room I went. They drew blood, took a urine sample, and did a pelvic exam. All of which looked great. They didn’t have an explanation for the pain (which was improving while I was there). Once we left, my body started aching quite a bit on the way home. I thought I’d write this post for those of you who have been praying to have an update and then it’s off to relax. Please pray that my body starts to feel better as it’s hard not having an answer for the pain. Although I am VERY THANKFUL that everything is okay with the baby!!!

Oh, and while we were in the ER, Taeya was SUCH a good girl! Everyone loved her and kept bringing her things. She received a soft cow baby rattle bracelet which accidentally got left behind.  Two other people brought her coloring books and two others suggested that we give her icecream/juice/crackers from the little snack station in the ER. We even had a couple people peek their head in to see her because they heard there was a very cute little girl in our room.  I must say, Phil and I were very pleased at how patient she was for the 2 ½ hours we spent at the hospital. What a special little girl God has given us!

Thank you all for your prayers if you saw my message on Facebook earlier today.

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Amanda said...

SOOO glad you and baby are ok. Hope you are starting to feel better.

Ok, we're ready for the gender post now! :)