Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's a BOY!!!!

On July 16, 2010, Phil, Taeya and I headed down to a town about an hour from us for my level 2 ultrasound. My doctor was just being cautious when she ordered a level 2 ultrasound. I have a liver disease and am on medicine that very rarely can affect the baby. My previous ultrasounds looked good but she wanted the level 2 just to rule out any abnormalities. The ultrasound was done when our baby was 19 weeks 2 days along.

We had a GREAT ultrasound. The technician and doctor were both extremely kind. I had a big TV screen that I was able to watch the entire ultrasound on. The tech asked us if we wanted to find out the gender. We told her that we thought it was a boy based on our last ultrasound. However, the tech at our last ultrasound had first said that she thought we were having a girl and then changed her mind a few minutes later and said she was pretty sure it was a boy. The tech from yesterday looked and very quickly confirmed that we indeed are having a son. He was very cooperative during the entire ultrasound, and not just when she was looking at whether he was a boy or a girl.

He was laying on his back for the ultrasound and she was able to get all of the measurements she needed and took a ton of pictures of baby's heart. The technology we have today is amazing!! It is amazing to see the miracle of life that is growing within me every day. I loved watching his little four-chamber heart pumping the blood through his body.

When the doctor came in, he was very personable and friendly. He asked me some questions about myself and told me that he had another Master's College student in within the past few weeks. Interesting considering how small our school is. I wonder who it was. He did some of the ultrasound as well. He took a sideways view of the baby swallowing. He showed the fluid in the baby's mouth and then showed how it moved past his esophagus into his stomach. Baby did a number of really quick swallows that the doctor pointed out as well. He pointed out how amazing and advanced this is for such a tiny baby to be doing. He talked about how if the baby is swallowing how so many processes have to work together and be coordinated and it shows the brain development of the baby is where it needs to be. He didn't use the word miracle but that's basically what he was saying it was.

Before we left, the technician did more scanning and kept saying what a beautiful baby we had. She certainly seemed to be enjoying looking at our baby as much as we did. It made for a very lovely experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. (Much better than my first ultrasound I had this pregnancy!!) She said the baby was so cooperative which made her ultrasound look good. She also said she can't always tell 100% the gender of a baby but she was 100% certain we are having a boy. He definitely wasn't shy!! She also showed us some 4D ultrasounds where the baby was captured and she could move the image around. She printed off some 3D pictures of Baby's face from those views. We have a little cutie hiding in my belly!!! I can't wait to meet him.

Taeya is understanding more and more each day that there's a baby in mommy's belly. Even when they did the ultrasound, she recognized that the pictures on the screen were of the baby. She likes to kiss and pat my tummy and every now and then, she turns to me and says, "Baby in Mommy." It's precious. I need to take another belly picture. This past week I went from not looking pregnant to definitely looking (and feeling) pregnant!

It's a BOY!!! Can you find the evidence?


Julie the Army Wife said...

Congratulations! What a cool ultrasound you have. I have my big one in abut 3.5 weeks. I can't wait!!!

Shannon said...

I love love loved having the 3D pics of Bradley.

Congrats on the sweet little boy.

kelly ens said...

that is SOOO exciting! congratulations :) GREAT ultrasound pictures.

~walkbyfaith~ said...

Wow Megan, so exciting! Do you have any names picked out? I am so happy for you! What an exciting time. Hope all is going well.

Rebekah said...

So exciting! I asked Steven last night if he'd like to have a new baby, and he said "no!" (Nope, not an announcement, just a bit of a wish!) I told him to ask Daddy, and he told me that Daddy would say "no" too. Too bad he's right on that one :(

I can't wait to hear his name. I LOVE Taeya's name!

Ryan, Michaela, and Liam said...

YEAH! A boy!! I have a picture just like the one you have... Leaves not a single doubt about the gender!! (: Those boys like to show off, I tell ya'. I am very excited for you and Phil.

running wildly said...

One of each!!!!!! So pleased you are having a boy. Yay oh yay! said...

Megan, that's a wonderful news. We would like to hear more about it. It seems we will move to Fairfield Glade, TN but not until Spring 2011. We will talk about this later. Love you!