Monday, August 23, 2010

29 Weeks Along

Technically, I'm not 7 months yet. I should be holding up 6 fingers but I forgot that until I uploaded the pics. I feel nearly as big as I was when I had Taeya. Still have a little room to breathe but only before I eat. Once I eat, I feel like someone has a belt tied around my upper belly.

I haven't been taking nearly as many belly shots as I did with Taeya so I thought I'd grab a couple in the mirror while I was thinking about it. That belly looks huge!

I go in for my next OB appointment on Wednesday. I'll be having a growth scan (ultrasound) done on baby boy. They want to make sure I don't have the same issues I had with Taeya. She grew on the small side from 1/2 way through the pregnancy to the end. I have a feeling this little boy is going to be a lot bigger than Taeya was when she was born. When they measured my belly at my last appt. 3 weeks ago, it was measuring 3 weeks ahead which it NEVER did with Taeya.

Please pray about Phil's job situation. He's in a four hour long interview right now!! It started Monday at 12 and should finish around 4. He has a face-to-face interview, 2 tests and some sort of role-playing scenario. We are praying that God will open the doors so Phil can start working soon!!!

We've been doing some fun things like camping, visiting family and moving Taeya to her old room so look for some pictures soon!

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running wildly said...

You are lookin' good, my friend. I will be thinking of you as you near the end.