Saturday, February 19, 2011

Photos from February

Watching the snow get plowed outside

One of Taeya's creative outfits

Taeya and Melanie had fun making pizza's on their own

These kiddos love each other

Making pizzas...gotta roll out the dough
Wearing the beautiful dress from Annie

Another pose in the dress


Anonymous said...

I LOVE THESE PICTURES! There the cutest kids! I love Taeya so much, the faces she makes! Brecken is adorable too! Thanks for putting up pictures Megan!

Anna Rose Jones said...

Just so you know that is me/Annie writing that. :)

Sarah Kuhner said...

What fun pictures. I love the last one of Taeya as she poses. What a cutie!

Anna Rose Jones said...

Oh Megan, have you looked at my blog lately? You should because there's something that I want you and Taeya to see :)