Monday, January 29, 2007

Goodbye June

A picture of me at June Mountain last year.

Phil started teaching me how to snowboard only 2 weeks after we started dating back in 2001. That first season we just went to 2 resorts and I got my "snow legs" under me. The next season and every year since then we have faithfully purchased season passes to June Mountain. June is located about 20 miles north of Mammoth in the Eastern Sierra Mountains of CA. June is our snowboarding "home." Both Phil and I love that mountain. The people are friendly, the snow is great (usually), we can sleep in our car and use their restrooms at night (they leave them unlocked), the town is small but cozy. All in all, we love June.

This season, we once again purchased our June season passes back in December. Due to a lack of snowfall they were not open at our anniversary which is usually about the time for our first trip of the season. We decided to wait until a snowstorm hit before driving all the way to June. Unfortunately, for us and June, that snowstorm has never come. Yesterday, as Phil faithfully checked the website to see how the base is holding up he found out that they were CLOSING FOR THE SEASON! We haven't been once this season. This is very sad news for us, especially if we move out of state because we may never get another chance to go to June again. So you ask, "What happens to your season passes? Do they give you a refund?" refund.

Phil and I paid approximately $350/person for our passes this year. Instead of a refund, they have done something even better! Now, as a result of June closing, their sister moutain is allowing us to ski there with our passes. Their sister mountain is Mammoth and a season pass to Mammoth costs somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,500!! We have officially been upgraded! Pretty sweet deal if you ask us. We are still going to miss our litte June mountain but we're excited to snowboard on the expanse of Mammoth this season. If we are both well, we should be heading up this weekend for our first Mammoth trip. How exciting is that? I bet the people who paid all that money for a Mammoth pass were wishing they had purchased a June pass instead!

Me standing next to the snow level at Mammoth LAST year!! They weren't lacking snow then!


SJ said...

That is very cool - what a great blessing for you all! Enjoy!

jenylu said...

Hope you have fun with your "pricey" season passes! :)
I'll keep you posted on our plans as they evolve...

Terry said...

I'm so happy for you guys..... yeah! You'll be getting ready for Colorado! Mom