Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Exciting Times

Phil and I have had some exciting events unfold in the past few days. For the past few months we have been talking about moving out of state to Colorado. You may ask, "Why Colorado?" We love the mountains, we want to move somewhere a bit more affordable than southern Cal. Another bonus is that my sister and bro-in-law are planning on moving near us this summer. We were told by Phil's work that there are almost no job openings in Colorado because they aren't growing there and we decided that we may have to move this summer with no jobs. The Lord, however, had other plans.

One and a half weeks ago, Phil saw a position for a claims adjuster for Progressive in Glenwood Springs, Co. (The town we were interested in moving to). He decided to apply for it. However, when he went to apply, there was an in-house network position open. He applied for that a week ago Monday. Last Wednesday, they called him and said they wanted to fly him to CO (all expenses paid) to meet him and so he could see the area. I was able to go as well but would have to purchase my own ticket. We
got our tickets within 2 days and were in Colorado from Friday night to Monday night. It was an amazing trip. His work paid for our hotel, rental car, Phil's ticket and even some food. We had a great time enjoying the beauty of CO and we even got to enjoy Sunlight Mountain snowboarding in Glenwood Springs.

On Monday, Phil was interviewed in Denver and a few hours later was offered the job! We are MOVING TO COLORADO! It has been amazing to see how the doors have just flown open beyond our wildest dreams. His company is going to help us with the move by packing up our house, transporting everything, unloading everything, helping us find
an apartment in CO and SO MUCH MORE! I get so excited about what's happening and then I find out something else exciting a few hours or a day later!

Phil will be out in Colorado this time next month. I will be staying in CA until my spring break so I can wrap up the semester, write report cards etc. Although it's not ideal that I'm moving in the middle of the schoolyear, I believe things will work out there as well. I just wanted to share my exciting news with all of my blog readers. (Hey, do you like my new little map that tells me where all of my readers are from!? I think it's really cool!)

Enjoy the pictures of beautiful Colorado. All pictures are either on the road from Denver to Glenwood Springs, in Glenwood Springs or at Sunlight Mountain. You'll notice one of the pictures is a sign for the town of "No Name, Colorado." We drove into it briefly as it's right next to Glenwood Springs. The actual name of the town is "No Name"...funny huh?


SJ said...

Pictures are pretty - looks great - we are excited for you!

rad-poet said...

that is exciting! God is good isn't He? I hope and will pray that everything goes well.

jenylu said...

Hey Megan,
I posted on the newest one about the move, but I also need to let you know our ski trip was cancelled. I'm bummed we won't be seeing you but I bet you have plenty to keep you busy as you get ready for your move. I guess we'll have to plan a trip to Colorado now!

The Koegle Family said...

Wow...oh my goodness! What a good God we have, right? It's so awesome that the Lord provides the answers like that for you guys! We will be praying for a smooth transition and a great new life in Colorado!! Congratulations!

Julie said...

WOW!!! CONGRATS! I'm happy and sad at the same time, but this is so great. I'm thrilled for you!!

Dan & Rita Rowlands said...

Phil & Megan

We have been hearing from sometime that you both wanted to go to Colorado. We wish you the best and an exciting new adventure. What town will you actually be living in? GOD BLESS

Uncle Dan Aunt Rita

Windy City Survivors said...

How exciting Megan!!! God is amazing in the way He works. Colorado is beautiful!

Elisha said...
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Elisha said...

Wow Megan I'm so excited for you! I grew up in Eagle, CO, which is about 1/2 hour east of Glenwood. We ALWAYS went to Glenwood to go do anything. Back then the closest (real) grocery store was in Glenwood. The movie theater, the mall (if you can call it that), and I think every year I had a birthday party at the hot springs pool...sigh...your pictures make me homesick! Anyway, we'll be out visiting family in Meeker (1.5 hours away) in April or May and we usually find our way to Glenwood (again because it's the only place that has anything to really do), we should try to go out for coffee or lunch or something! I know you are just going to love it there!
~Elisha Larsen