Monday, April 30, 2007

Random news

Well, I've been thinking every day what I can blog about but I don't feel like I have anything "special" to share.

I am absolutely LOVING work! I work with very friendly people who like to clean and organize nearly as much or as much as I do. My boss is always encouraging and I have so much fun seeing animals every day! One of the highlights of my day is my lunch time...and no, it's not because I get a break. I eat my lunch and then I go down to the kennel to see if any dogs need walks. So, I get exercise AND I get to have fun walking/jogging a dog or two at the same time.

Phil and I feel like we've found a good, solid church in our area. We went to one the first week I was here and it was a bit charismatic for us. We're not used to running, dancing and speaking in tongues. However, we went to a different church the past two Sundays and have enjoyed it.

We're loving every bit of our time here in CO. Well, that's about it for now.

Please leave a comment if you read my blog...I would LOVE to see who reads my blog. If you don't have a blogger account, then just sign it with annomynous and sign your name. :)


Snooley said...

Reading away :) Glad you guys found a church!

SJ said...

Glad you found a church - that is sometimes the hard part of moving. Also glad your job is going well.

The Koegle Family said...

So glad everything is going well! And glad to hear that you found a solid church. That's SO important to take care of as soon as you can so you can have that "family" support. :) Love the pictures of your kitty, too! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you found a good church! I feel that we made the mistake when we moved here of not looking long enough. we just sort of "setteled" on the first one we came to becuase it seemed good on the surface. Making a long story short, we are only staying around becuase of our work with the youth group and we don't want to let the kids down. So, I hope you find a good, Bible believing church and do a lot of research on it before you join! I'm so glad you love your new job, sounds like a blast~! I still don't get how to update my blogger name, so I'm just doing what you said and posting do you spell that anyway?
-Rachel O.

Alan & Sarah Martinsen said...

Hi Megan,

I'm glad to hear that you have found a great church in Colorado, probably not too hard to find since it's like the Christian Mecca of the US. Glad to hear that your new job is a bunch of fun. Stay in touch.


Tara said...

Moving can be difficult sometimes so it's awesome that everything is going so well for you guys! Glad to hear you found a good church!

Anonymous said...

Well, Megan, I read your blog and I,m happy to know you love your new job. Your Mom and I had a good time visting Sarah, Chris and Bekah this past weekend.
We hope they will be able to join you and Phil soon. Although its tough selling a house when there are no buyers in that price range.
God has His plans, and they will come to pass in His time.
I love you, Anonymous :)

josydaisy said...

reading your blog right now. this is a fun thing to have so you can have a rough idea of who reads your blog:

Rebekah (and Mark!) said...

Hi, Megan! I am glad to hear that you love your new job! Teaching is difficult enough, but when you throw in all the politics and parents and everything else, it can be very draining. (Which is why I am now adjuncting at a local college instead of teaching high school full time!) I am also glad to hear that you found a church. Mark and I really struggled with that in Ohio and never really found one that we felt comfortable with. It made it a hard 3-4 years!

Rebekah (Beckett)

Dan & Rita Rowlands said...

Phil & Megan

We always enjoy reading your BLOG. It is the best way to keep up with all of your lives which of course are important to us. So much is happening to all of us and it seems like we are close when we can read up on each other. GOD BLESS

kludge said...

Congrats on the move/job/church/restaurant findings. Sound like your really settling in there. I'm glad it's working out so well for you.