Sunday, April 15, 2007

Moved and Lovin' It

Well, I know it's been quite awhile since my last post. I found it difficult to update the blog without having my own computer to work on. I have officially arrived in CO and as the title states, I am loving it! I'll write more about the journey over here later, but for now, I just want to give a quick update and some pictures.

First of all, it has been such a blessing to be reunited with my sweet husband, Phil. One and a half months is a LONG time to be seperated. I know there are many around the world who live without their spouses for months or even years and I do not envy them one bit. We have really enjoyed our time back together and have beening having a fun time unpacking together as a team.

Phil had done a good amount of unpacking in the 2 weeks he had been here without me. (It was actually 1 week because he was in Oklahoma for the other one). However, there were still lots of boxes to unpack and things to organize. The most challenging part of unpacking for both of us is dealing with all of the paper the movers used to wrap EVERYTHING...and I mean EVERYTHING! We have it stacked in our livingroom and it has been packed down again and again. It is presently in 3 piles. We've torn down all the boxes and are storing them for our "someday" move into a house. We have yet to hang any pictures, towel bars etc, but those too will come. For now, it's beginning to feel a lot more like home. Anyways, here are some pics:

Paper & boxes

Bigger pile of paper

Views from our bedroom and loft

View of one of the newest condo going in...taken from the front of our building

Our condo building. The top 8 window's on the right are ours.

Guest room...we're ready for visitors!

Lots to unload...almost done!

Before picture

After picture. I have a scrapbook/craft/sewing area that I am SUPER excited about. I never had a place where I actually had room to work before. My sister and I have plans to make good use of this space when she moves out here.

Before view (the other direction in the loft)

Getting there!

Pantry boxes that are now unloaded & our new microwave.
(VV 5th grade team...if any of you are reading this, thanks for the giftcard, we used it to buy a microwave).


Snooley said...

Cool place you guys! Soooo exciting setting up and organizing... have fun :)

Dan & Rita Rowlands said...

Phil & Megan

Glad you both are together again. I was surprised to see so little snow as we had heard that a winter storm was brewing again in your area. Enjoy your new home. GOD BLESS.
Unc Dan & Rita

Windy City Survivors said...

Congratulations! The place looks great. I know that it was hard being seperated from your husband. When I went to CA for 5 weeks it felt like an eternity. I would not want my spouse to be overseas! :) Have fun getting settled.

SJ said...

The being seperated I can totally relate to - Jeremy and I did it for a year and a half - no fun!!!! Glad you are together and getting settled - looks great! Have fun continuing to unpack - look forward to more pictures!

josydaisy said...

congrats! nice little loft...i can't wait to see the photos of when you've put it together. I remember the nice indian sari fabric you put over your bed in the dorms have good taste and i bet you'll do up your home beautifully.

Megan C. said...

Thanks Josydaisy...I try. :0)

Sarah said...

The house is starting to look really great. So much paper to deal with though. Does puma like playing in the paper and all the boxes too? Soon all will be put away and you'll be all settled in. Can't wait to come visit and scrapbook too.