Saturday, June 30, 2007


I read about the Glenwood Springs farmers market in the newspaper this week so Phil and I thought we'd go. Needless to say, we were a little disappointed. There were about 4-5 small booths with a small selection of fruits and veggies. I ended up buying an "organic" lemon square for $3.25. The market definitely wasn't as big as we were expecting. Then, we drove to Costco (it's about an hour away from us). We needed to return our camera that we bought on May 5th as the lense wasn't opening fully or closing fully. It's a nice camera but hopefully we won't have the same problem with our next one...we just exchanged it. While at Costco I started to feel pretty sick so I spent the whole drive home crouched in my seat hoping I wouldn't throw up in our rental car (our Audi's in the shop). After I wrote that last post about feeling better I promptly threw-up within an hour of writing it! Sad huh. Still having rough days but they're better than they were.


SJ said...

And it should continue to get better - hang in there - there are better days coming :) Praying you feel better soon!

Elisha said...

yeah...we're spoiled in CA. CO produce can be quite disappointing. I remember when I first came here...I couldn't believe how great everything tasted! Then when I went back to CO this summer, I was a bit frustrated when I tried to find certain things. Oh well, at least it's beautiful!