Friday, August 10, 2007

California Cravings

The other night Phil asked me when I was going to get pregnant cravings. I asked him what he meant and he was like, "you know, where I have to drive out in the middle of the night to buy you something." I have had foods that I've wanted at certain times but no desperate cravings on which I've sent him out to make purchases on my behalf. Frankly, almost everything I would "crave" has to do with food/restaurants that are in California and NOT anywhere near us in Colorado. One of the things I have been wanting since moving to CO is a good taro boba smoothie.

Since moving to rural Colorado, there are many comforts of the LA area that I miss. Most have to do with either food or shopping. One craving that I have decided to satisfy by Internet is my love for boba. Boba? you may ask. If you're not familiar with it, boba is made of large balls of sweet, chewy, black tapioca that sit at the bottom of a smoothie. Phil's and my favorite flavor of smoothie is taro. It makes a delicious pretty purple drink that's hard to describe but tastes incredible. If you ever come across boba at a Chinese restaurant or anywhere else, you should try it! It's great! Most people whom we introduced to boba enjoyed it. You drink it through a fat straw that the boba are able to fit through.

Well, tonight, I ordered some taro smoothie powder and boba online and I'm soooooo excited to get it! I haven't met anyone in CO who has even heard of boba, let alone who sells it. Fairly soon I will be able to satisfy my desire for this delicious drink in the comfort of my own home.


Sarah said...

I never got a chance to try it when I visited you in So. Cal. last time. It looks really weird but I will give it a try if I come across it. Hopefully what you get will be just like you remember.

Megan C. said...

I'll make you a boba when you come visit! It should arrive while you're visiting.

SJ said...

Believe it or not, in Missouri there are a couple of places that have it - we went to a place called Lollicup (one of my favs when I go back to MO) and they had it. I am with Sarah though - looks weird -

Anonymous said...

Chanced upon your blog, so hope you do not mind me commenting. In Asia, Boba's actually known as "pearls". Pearl Milk Tea is actually a very popular kind of drink especially among Chinese, available everywhere, and has A LOT of varieties!

PS: congratulations on your pregnancy!

Georgia said...

cool! let us know if your mail order boba turns out good. i haven't really had any strong cravings either, but i have been wanting spicey food more than usual.

Georgia said...

ps - where in Santa Clarita can we get a good taro boba smoothie?

Megan C. said...

I know of three places in Santa Clarita to get boba but the ONLY one I would recommend is the chinese restaurant on Lyon's Ave. located right behind the Pizza Hut & WAMU. They have the BEST boba and it's made great almost every single time. I would recommend the coconut or taro smoothie although the taro is ultimately my favorite.

Shannon said...

I've heard of this stuff too and how great it is. Not sure I am convinced. Let us know how it turns out making it yourself.

Can you order the fat straws too?

Megan C. said...

Yes, I ordered the straws when I purchased the boba. (My roommate used to make it at a restaurant and she showed me how to make it at home's not too hard).

The PA. KIDS... Rita and Dan... said...


I love those tapioca drinks. In Hawaii at Ala Mona Shopping center they call them "Pearl Drinks". I found a place called LuLu's here in Pittsburgh and they call them fruit smoothies with tapioca. But whatever I like spending the time sipping up those little balls of tapioca...Uncle Dan(The elder)

Megan C. said...

Way to go Uncle Dan! Another partner in boba!

josydaisy said...

Wow, a whole blog entry on boba! you are the best megan - one of the reasons why i like're so open to different things. I remember that sari you hung as a decorative item in your dorm room. Very nice. And yes...i love boba. Good stuff!

Terry said...

They are so yummy! I'm so glad you introduced us to them.... I miss them too! Mom

Joanie said...

Hey there are a few lollicup places in Colorado, but i agree... NOT enough. I go to school at APU in Azusa and got hooked. the nearest boba place is a good 20 min from me but i go about once a week (introducing others) Hope this helps

Lollicup - Denver
1589 S. Colorado Blvd
Denver, CO 80222

Lollicup - Arvada
6474 Ward Road
Arvada, CO 80004

Lollicup - Boulder
1142 13th Street
Boulder, CO 80302

Lollicup - Denver (Federal)
1046 S. Federal Blvd
Denver, CO 80219