Monday, August 06, 2007

Lack of Pictures

Well, I've been procrastinating on posting as I still don't have those baby belly pics I promised. I've tried...just haven't had any good photo op times.

On Friday, my co-workers told me that I actually LOOKED pregnant. It all depends on what shirt I'm wearing. The tighter pre-pregnancy shirts show the belly whereas my maternity shirts make it look like I'm not pregnant. :)

So, I've been dying to wear jeans again. I stopped wearing mine a number of weeks ago as they were too snug when I sat down. I have been searching the stores here but to no avail. One of the drawbacks I'm finding of living in a more rural area is that you can't often buy what you're looking for! I can't find maternity jeans ANYWHERE. Well, this week, I tried my pre-pregnancy jeans on just to see if they'd still fit. I was amazed that I could still button and zip them all the way up! Still too uncomfortable when sitting so I tried the hairtie over the buttonhole. It worked. I've been wanting to buy a "bella band" to be able to wear my jeans with the hairtie fix. That way it covers the open zipper. Well, that's yet another thing I'm unable to find out here. So, I figured out a way to create my own using a stretchy undershirt that I don't really wear. So now, I can finally wear jeans again!! And, thanks to my lovely sister, she's shopping for me in CA and will bring me some real maternity jeans when she comes to visit in ONE AND A HALF WEEKS WITH BEKAH!

Other than trying to find/create clothes that fit, not too much else going on here. Finished the last Harry Potter book on Saturday. I borrowed it from a co-worker as I am to thrifty to buy it.

I'll try to post more pics when I can. Oh, and baby has been dancing around quite a bit lately. Most of the time I feel consistant little kicks about 5-10 in a row throughout the day. Baby's getting bigger!!!


Windy City Survivors said...

Sorry to hear about the lack of maternity clothing. Have you tried looking online? I have found some good buys on stores online and on ebay.

How exciting that you are feeling the baby! That is one of my favorite things about being pregnant, feeling the baby move. I hope that you are feeling better.

Sarah said...

It's amazing what you can do when you get desperate and creative. I do hope the pair of Jeans I got you fit well and work. I have to take them back today b/c they forgot to take the security bar off of them. Whoops!

SJ said...

Glad you are doing good - finding clothes that fit is hard - I am impressed that someone can bring you clothes - I had to try them on - it wasn't like they just "fit" me. Have fun with Sarah and Bekah - I know it will be a great time!!!!!!!!

Shannon said...

Most the main stores have internet based shopping with cheap shipping (old navy, gap, motherhood) I have a hard time finding stuff in my size *blah*

Naomi said...

hi cute pregnant Megan!
I repeat what everyone else said - - try old Navy and Gap online shopping - - you can five different sizes of one item and figure out what works best for you; spend over budget (because you usually get free shipping that way!) and then return the 90% that doesn't work for you; you can return them at any Gap or Old Navy store and I THINK you have three months to do it in. what has actually worked best for me is finding a tank top or T in the jrs department (or youthful type store) because they tend to be really long because everyone is wearing super duper low rise pants . I just buy one size up - - and they stretch with me as I grow seriously - - these have worked great for me; they are long enough to go over my hair-banded pants and are nice and snug and avoid that "tent maternity clothes" look.. . . hope that helps in some way!