Friday, November 23, 2007

Baby Non-Stress Test #2

This morning, before work, I went to the hospital for my second stress test. (The picture above isn't me but it's basically what I look like during the tests). When I woke up this morning, ate breakfast and drove to the hospital baby had moved just a tiny bit. In order for the test to work the baby has to cooperate and move around. Thankfully, as soon as they strapped me up and found her heartbeat she started dancing around. Within about 15 minutes the nurse said, "She passed!" She did very well this morning. Her heartbeat was fluctuating Quite a bit (which is what they want) and she was moving all over the place. I will be going in for my tests each Monday and Thursday and my Dr's appoitnments are almost every Thursday. We'll be doing an ultrasound each appointment to check the bloodflow through the umbilical cord. We won't do growth checks every week because they'll be too close together. So far, Baby appears to be doing well just growing slowly. I'll be having this baby within 7 weeks if I make it to full term! It's getting closer.


Georgia said...

wow Megan, you are right on my heels! can't believe you're already so close to giving birth, and i'm so thankful to hear the good news. at our childbirth education class the nurse said the baby doesn't like having things strapped around mom's belly, and they react to that by moving around. so if you ever worry about your baby's movements, wrap something around your belly and just wait a few minutes.

Anonymous said...

Boy Megan you sure have changed! ha ha just kidding. Thanks for the update and what a relief to hear that things are looking good!
-Rachel O.

Shannon said...

I'm glad baby passed so quickly.

My friend had the same thing and the doctors did not want to turn the baby because of the growth issue. They did a c-section 4 weeks early and he was *perfectly* sized for his gestational age. The ultrasound had put him at 3.5 pounds and not growing properly. He was just shy of 5 pounds. (with still 4 weeks to go)

I will still pray for peace for you though. That these last weeks be with the least amount of worry for you.