Thursday, November 29, 2007

Update on Baby

Well, this week I have finished my two non-stress tests for baby and my doctor's appt which included another ultrasound. Our little baby passed almost all of her tests with flying colors...except for her growth test. She's a spunky little one who likes to do kickboxing during the non-stress tests. Her heartrate and movement are always good which makes the tests relatively short. It's kind of weird being admitted to the hospital multiple times a week. (That's where I have to do my stress tests). By the time I have this baby I feel like I'll know all the nurses and feel at home in the labor and delivery rooms.

At the doctor appointment, we basically just did an ultrasound for measurements and to test the bloodflow through the umbilical cord. The fluid, cord and placenta all look great. Baby has grown a little since last week. Her belly is only 3 weeks behind instead of 4. I was very suprised though when the doctor pointed out that according to the ultrasound measurements she falls in the 4th percentile! The doctor said that if you covered up her growth measurements, everything looked great. At this point, she's healthier continuing to grow inside rather than outside so we leave her be as long as we can. She is still breech so we'll be trying to turn her at 37 weeks. Not sure exactly when as my doctor will be out of town as my 37 weeks is the week of Christmas. ***Maybe she'll turn on her own before then!*** Her little feet are down at the bottom of my belly and her head is right under my ribcage. Every now and then I feel her little fingers tickling my ribs. That's about it for the update. Please continue to pray that she will grow bigger and stronger with each passing day! We leave her in the Father's hands.


Anonymous said...

Megan, that's great news! I'm so glad that she's growing.....are they still thinking it's a she? Hopefully she will turn! How are things going with your liver dissorder? Thanks for the update :)
-Rachel O.

Megan C. said...

I keep asking the doctor to check to make sure it's a girl but she's always sitting on her little bottom so we're not able to confirm. :)As far as my liver goes, everything's been great. All bloodwork is coming back normal. My OB followed up with a specialist to make sure my liver wouldn't affect baby's growth and the specialist said she saw no reason why it should.

Sarah said...

I'm praying for you and your little one every night. I really, really hope that she is a SHE and not a he. Hopefully the baby will turn soon and you will know for sure. You have too many cute little girl clothes to not have a girl. :o)