Sunday, March 08, 2009

Friends at the Park

Tonight, I babysat my friends' kids for a few hours. We went to the playground nearbye and I brought my camera of course. Here are a few of my favorites of all of the kiddos.
This little one is only 9 days older than Taeya but you'd never know. They are so different in size and he's been walking since about 9 months. We're still waiting for Taeya to walk and she's over 14 months old! (She did take a few steps to Phil and I both last night.)
They both kept pushing each other out of the way so they could be in control of the slide. They had fun putting the pebbles on the slide...and Taeya had fun putting them in her mouth. The two oldest. :) I like this photo.

What'd I tell you!? I don't think she actually swallowed any, but she definitely tasted quite a few.
Swinging on his tummy.
Sweet #3.

She just learned how to pump recently.

We were playing duck, duck, goose and Taeya crawled away. Now, she's thinking we're a little too far away and wants to be closer.
Her pretty shoes she wore today. I love them!
This is the cute little peacoat I got at my babyshower from my Aunt Jenn. It looks adorable on her and she likes it too.


Shannon said...

I love that little pink coat!!

Bradley isn't walking either. Standing but that is it. He isn't even cruising walls or furtnature much either. Just not ready I guess.

Enjoy four kids? ;)

BECKY LYNN said...

I am in love with that new coat! So precious! I love the cutie cheeks in all the pictures too :)