Thursday, March 05, 2009

Time to Swim!!!

Every week, Taeya, Annie and I go to the pool to swim and I teach swim lessons. Each week, Taeya gets to play in the pool with us and swims underwater back and forth to Annie and I. Here are a few pictures of our time there this week.
Backfloating Time!! Getting ready to be dunked. We count to 3 so she knows we we're going to put her under.
Look who's underwater!!
All done!

Aren't they so cute? Such good friends.


Amy said...

We started both our kids swimming as babies and it is so amazing to me what they can do! Grace is three and is not only swimming but diving in and doing flips, head first. Josiah already puts his head in and blows bubbles, and throws himself in, head first, repeatedly. He's doing even better than Grace did at that age. And we really didn't do much except put them in the water a LOT. I remember you saying how babies could learn to swim and now I am convinced!

Cierra Pera said...

Are you coming to California this summer?? Can I fly you out so you can help gracie??? She is 5.5 and can't stand water on her face. The pool is impossible. We dropped out of swim lessons last year becuase she didn't trust the high school girls after they dunked her without asking. She screamed over and over!! What a nightmare! I could use your help. She's been told she can't go to her best friends house becuse they have a pool... BIG SIGH.