Friday, March 20, 2009

A BIG Step

As many of you know, Phil and I have been talking/thinking/wanting to move out to the Denver area eventually where the market for a house is a bit more affordable than where we currently live and it's easier (and more affordable) to see family. So far, the Lord hasn't opened the door for us to move there and has continued to show us that this is where He would have us stay for the time-being.

At this point, it looks like we'll be staying put in this area for a bit longer. Phil and I have an opportunity to purchase a home that is currently under construction. This home was quite litterally just recently dropped in our lap and although we didn't think we'd pursue it, we agreed to take a look at it. After walking through it, and the contractor's home (which is nearly identical to the one we're looking at, just flipped) we both felt excited at this opportunity. After talking it over and praying about it, we'd decided to pursue the purchase of this home. Although this home may or may not be ours someday, I wanted to share it with you, my blog readers, in-part to ask for suggestions. Since the structure is already up, we can't make changes to that, however, we will be able to choose many inside options as well as the outside paint colors. We haven't the foggiest idea where to begin as we've rented places since we were married. (Although we've talkked about what we'd like in a home's not quite the same). I know we'll have a lot of decisions to make in a short amount of time...if we do end up signing the contract which at this point, we're planning on doing.

So, my question is, do any of you have any suggestions of things we should look into? Things you have in your home that you absolutely love or hate? Paint colors that you love. This is a three-floor single-family home. Main level, upstairs with 3 bedrooms, and basement with one bedroom, a large open space and a laundry room. Oh, and let me know if you have any warnings/information for first time homebuyers.

This is the side-view of the contractor's home. Nearly idential to "ours" but flipped.

The side view of the home under construction.

Front-view of contractor's home. We can pick the siding color but it would essentially, look very similar.
Front-view of "our" home.


Julie said...

That house looks so much like my aunt and uncle's who lives in Boulder. Congrats :)

Anonymous said...

The way the economy is not sure whats available - but look into first time homebuyer programs.

I like my trash can - as part of the cabinets, spice drawer (cabinet). Larry is an amazing builder and has great vision. If you really go forward with it you should have him go out with you and give you ideas. He's a good one for picking his brain.

Best wishes on it! Love ya.

Kami said...

Just be sure you're willing to stay in the home long enough for the market to improve...otherwise you will have a hard time selling it and breaking even or making a profit on it. That's what someone told us when we bought ours :)

Shannon said...

first off, way cute house!

There are lots of credits right now for first time buyers. Make sure you will actually benefit from them though. you may be in a smaller tax bracket and it might not do anything. In some areas there are even credits and low interest rate programs depending on the size of the town you ar e moving to and such.

SO MANY houses are for sale right now and nobody is buying. I think if you are in the market to consider buying a house... look around and unless this house is your dream home, I wouldnt buy the first one you see. You might get a much better deal buying a house that has been sitting on the market for a year.

and I agree, you are going to need to be willing to stay put. If that is not the area you want to live in for more than 5 years I'm not sure I would buy. ie what if Phil has opportunity to transfer jobs but it would require moving.

mmmmm picking out tile and color schemes though. That is dreamy.

Sarah said...

What a big decision Megan. I am on call again tonight so I will have time to call you tomorrow to chat. Love the pictures and all. Love ya!!

Elisha said...

Wow what a big decision. Fun though! The house is beautiful :-)