Monday, March 27, 2006

My Sister's Big News

I'm so excited for my sister. She recently found out that she's pregnant! This'll be the first baby in our family so it's definitely exciting (but then...what baby's not?). I can't wait to see her grow with her little one in the coming weeks and months! I'm so excited for her! Yeah Sarah!!! The baby's due at the end of October/beginning of November.

Well, I'm not quite sure whether to be looking forward to this week or not. Today was our only full day of school all week. Tuesday through Friday are half days because we have report card conferences. The minimum days definitely get more stressful because the kids are more excited and there's too much to cram into too small of a time. However, we DO get out at 12:30!! (Not counting conferences of course!) I think my conferences should go rather smoothly. Don't have any really difficult ones coming least not that I forsee. Hopefully they'll be low stress.

I can't wait to get my camera back! It seems like I never really need it until it's getting fixed. Then all of a sudden there are tons of things I need it for! Oh well, I should have it soon anyways.


perkydeb said...

Hope your week goes well. I am sure you will breeze through it. Hope you have a restful weekend planned.
God Bless!

The Koegle Family said...

Hey there Megan! Hope all goes well with your conferences. I'm sure they'll go great! And congrats on becoming an "Auntie"...that is very exciting! :)

Julie said...

I had a feeling Sarah was exciting :) Tell her congrats for me. I am going to write her soon!