Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Wow!! I've had a pretty crazy last few weeks.
Our accident with our SUV happened almost 2 weeks ago, not our fault but getting fixed now.
Last week, my 6 month old digital camera died. (My last one got stolen from my classroom in September so I bought the new one with insurance from school.) Thankfully, I had purchased the warrenty, so that's off getting fixed now too.

This morning, when I got up, I went to check something on my laptop and it had half MELTED overnight!!! Sigh...just not my month is it? I had left it on and a blanket was next to the fan and it got too hot and literally melted the left side of my computer, keyboard and everything. I'll put a picture online when I get a chance. Thankfully, the harddrive was okay so I put it into my old computer (on which the screen hinge is broken) but usable.

Well, at least it's all material things. Nothing that I'm going to keep forever anyways.
All in all, things have been pretty hectic lately.

At school, I just finished report cards Monday and I have parent conferences next week. We have 3 half-days next week so hopefully that'll help the stress load and not make it worse. We have our Distinguished School visit on Friday so I've been trying to clean up all the little things around my room that bug me so my room looks great by Friday!

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