Thursday, March 30, 2006

My Sad Computer...

Well, here's the pictures I promised of my melted computer. I sure did a good job on it! Hint: don't leave your computer on overnight with a down blanket sitting next to the fan vent!

I got my camera back yesterday! It works now!!! Yeah! I also am FINISHED with conferences! They all went really well and I think the parents got valuable, honest feedback. One more 1/2 day before Spring break!!! I can't wait for my two weeks of well-earned vacation! Rest, here I come!


The Koegle Family said...

That is so awesome! I'll definitely heed the advice and let Mike know, as he has a laptop too!

Heidi Mittelstadt said...

oh my gosh! Megan, I was looking at the TMC alumni page and saw that you have a blog so I thought I'd check it out to see what you guys are up to- I saw this pic and blog and was shocked- the exact same thing happened to me my junior year of college! Seriously! I left my computer on overnight on my down blanket and it suffocated it and looked exactly the same, all melted! Isn't that crazy? I thought so. I'm glad to read that you guys are doing well. I just got engaged a month ago to the jr. high pastor at Calvary Chapel Petaluma- my life consists of work, church, jr. highers, and wedding planning right now. We are getting married on August 26th. So that's me! Drop me a line if you ever feel like it.