Monday, March 13, 2006

Our Exciting Weekend

Phil and I have been boarding a lot lately and this past weekend I told Phil... "I don't want to go this weekend; I just need a break!" He, however, didn't listen to me but instead called Michael and Emily to see if they wanted to go to Mt. Baldy and ski. They agreed so of course I had to go too. :) Well, it definitely turned into an interesting weekend to say the least.

Well, as our friend Michael always tells Emily "first of all...everybody's okay."

The day started off pretty normal. We packed everything and everyone into the SUV to head to the mountain. The mountain was super cold on Saturday. I don't know what the windchill was, all I know is that I was COLD! It was snowing when we went up and the visibility on the mountain was pretty low (while we were skiing and riding.)

We left around 4:00ish to head home and we headed out of the parking lot to go down the mountain. We have chains and 4x4 but we realized right away it was slick black ice on the road. We saw people trying to stop us so Phil braked but our car wouldn't hold and we ended up with our back end spun around facing up the mountain on the side of the road. There were cars below us that had been in accidents and since we were facing the wrong way on the mountain we were just going to wait it out until they left below us...

Well, it didn't happen like that. We saw a few accidents while we waited. Everyone who tried to go down the mountain ended up in accidents. A few minutes later a car was trying to come down and was headed right for us. Phil said, "we're done" and Michael was like "yup." Phil and Emily bailed out into a snowdrift and Michael and I waited for the impact. Michael and I were on the side facing the open icy road so it would have been dangerous if we had tried to make it to the snowbank. Everyone who got out of their cars fell a minimum of 2 times at least! It would definitely have been unsafe for us to jump onto the icy road as a car was heading towards us. They hit us on the front passenger corner and then we slid 30 feet into the car that was below us (which had already been hit previously and had it's back window smashed out in a different accident). You can see from the pictures where we ended up. We saw a number of other accidents that day but no one was injured at all. People got more hurt from their many falls on the ice. We finally made it down the mountain around 8:00 Pm. Whew...Thank the Lord we were all safe and our vehicle was drivable. We have some damage on 3 sides of our vehicle but we really came out of it okay! No glass on our car broke for which we were very thankful on the way home. Everything will be covered by insurance.

So, anyone want to go to the mountains with us soon??? :)

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