Saturday, May 13, 2006

44 Jars and Counting

One of the flats of Strawberries
One of the teacher's at school always has a strawberry festival with his class and so I asked him to pick me up 2 flats of strawberries when he bought his own. (He lives out near the strawberry fields). My favorite jam in the world is homemade, strawberry freezer jam. It is the BEST! Little did I know how much jam 2 flats of strawberries would make. Um...let's just say I've already made 44 jars of jam and I've still got an entire flat of berries left! (+ about 2 quarts). I've made 6 batches total so far. There is no way Phil and I will be able to eat all of those strawberries so I think I'm going to keep making jam and just sell the extra to fellow teachers and friends. If you read my blog and would like to purchase a jar of jam, just let me know...must be local though. Sorry. Last night we had strawberry shortcake...mmm mmm good!

Last Nights Strawberry Shortcake
I think I'm going to make a strawberry pie next. Just so you know, it's quite difficult to use 2 flats of strawberries before they go bad!

2 Batches of Jam

3 Batches of Jam

6 Batches of Jam!!!

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