Tuesday, May 30, 2006

6 Random Things

Well, I've seen this "6 Random Things" list floating around the blogs I frequently need so I knew I would probably get tagged at one point. I wondered what I would write if I was tagged but never actually got to thinking of specifics until I was tagged. :)

1. I can blow spit bubbles off of my tongue. This took some practice, specifically an entire trip back from Mexico to Santa Rosa, CA, but yes, I can blow actual spit bubbles off of my tongue and have them float threw the air similar to bubbles from a bubble wand. (On a side note...it works better at some times than others...your spit changes throughout the day). Many people think this is a gross talent but I think it's fun.

2. I am an avid snowboarder since my husband took me my first time our 2nd or 3rd week of dating back in 2001. I love to fly as fast as I can down the mountain but don't like going off large jumps because the landing is so much harder if I crash.

3. I have a cat, Puma, who plays fetch...again and again and again and again...you get the point. If I shoot hairties across the room she will bring them back over and over again. One time I counted and she brought it back 36 times in a row without me having to get up from my spot to take it from her. Pretty talented kitty huh? (I can't be proud of my kids because I don't have any so I have to be proud of my cat!)

4. I've had a liver disease since I was 10 years old. I take medicine for it but it doesn't really affect my daily life at this point.

5. I've taught swim lessons for 8 years...heading into my 9th year. I actually started because when I became a lifeguard the pool I worked at told me they would hire me if I would do a combination of 4 different jobs. I didn't want to at the time but needed a job so I started teaching swim lessons. Within a few years I learned that it was much better to teach independantly and I was able to basically pay my way through college. Now I just enjoy teaching kids in general so I continue.

6. My husband and I were truly made for each other. We have so many quirky things that we both agree on. Ie. we don't mind sleeping in sub-zero degree weather in our SUV so we can snowboard without having to pay for a hotel. We both don't like having a top sheet on our bed. We just have a duvet cover that we wash instead. There are many many more. I love Phillip and am glad that the Lord brought our paths together!

I tag: Sarah K, Julie in Germany, & Sarah M.

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Rachel said...


Discovered your blog through the Masters alumni community. I've been reading it for a couple weeks or so now, but thought I finally should speak. And let you know at least my own (though its been awhile since I've done anything with it). Its been great to find a way to keep in touch with what you are doing. I think its great too that you're still snowboarding. I don't know if I'll ever do it, but I may try surfing this summer. Brian wants to learn. Yeah, I'm dating Brian Fox now, as of August of last year. Don't know if you know him or not.

cya arond