Monday, May 22, 2006

Carnival and "Get-together"

Well, I haven't posted for awhile because I wanted to try to keep it on a positive note. School's definitely winding down!!! Which makes me get wound up tight. Don't get me wrong, I've had a great class this year and wonderful families. However, the kids' behavior is (in my eyes) definitely getting a little too loose. Sigh...I want to end this year on a good note for both me and the students!

Last Friday I went to our school carnival. It was fun watching the kids play games and seeing the many auction baskets. There was some cool stuff there! Unfortunately, Phil and I didn't have the money to compete with the tight competition. :) I put two teacher donations out at the auction and I'm looking forward to fulfilling them. One of my boys won an outing with me and a friend to an icecream place of his choice. The other event will be five of my girls coming over to my place at some point to make cookies for the class. I love to bake so I'm sure I'll have a blast with my students. I wish I could have the whole class over, but alas, I don't think my tiny place would safely hold 28 students and I doubt Puma would survive...let alone me! I would love to put some pictures online from the carnival but I only took ones of my students and I don't think I'm allowed to post them legally.

So, yesterday, Phil and I decided to invite couples from our Sunday School class over. I made a great strawberry pie and we cleaned the condo. Phil even cleaned out the grill! Phil and I like to do things last minute but we're continually learning that the couples in our class are not last minute couples. We waited for 4:00 (the time we had invited everyone over). It sadly came and went with no one showing up. :( We made the most of it and played a few games of jenga with each other and I ate my yummy strawberry pie. If you were one of the ones invited, don't feel bad for not showing! We didn't give a whole lot of notice. Just PLEASE come next time! :) Here's some pictures of the happy couple enjoying Jenga.

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Alan & Sarah Martinsen said...


I'm so sorry no one was able to come. I promise we'll come next time if we don't have plans already. I'm glad you won the spa trip though. It's something to look forward to. Just a couple more weeks!