Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Special Surprise

At work, my principal (who is awesome!) decided to give out two gifts to two teachers who were present during all of our state testing days. She always selects the receivers by drawing a name out of a hat. Her two gifts were a coupon for dinner at Salt Creek Restaurant and a trip to a spa for a pedicure. Imagine my surprise this morning when I opened my email and found out that I had received the gift card to the spa! Yipee! Since I've never been to a spa before or had a pedicure, this will be quite a treat. It was so funny, my students saw the gift bag with the name of the spa on the outside and they're like "what's that for Mrs. Camp?" I told them I had won it and they were like, "That's the best spa ever!! You're starting out at the best so you'll never want to go to another one!" How do my 5th grade girls know more about spa's than I do!? LOL. So, that'll be a nice end of the year treat to look forward to.

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Julie said...

That sounds like fun :) Go you!!!