Monday, August 21, 2006

Bits & Pieces

The other night, I told Phil, "I need the computer so I can blog." He said, "You don't need it, you blog too much!" I did tell him that usually I was READING blogs rather than WRITING them but he still denied me the use of the computer. So, that's my excuse for not blogging about my first week of school until now. :)

Here's a pic that I took the other night when we went to Santa Monica after we got our new car. We had a nice time walking around and then ate at a crepe restaurant. Mmm. yummy. (Jealous mom?) Didn't take many pictures because Phil was non-photo-cooperative that night.

Last Saturday, Phil and I, along with Kim & Cam went to the Hard Rock Cafe at Citywalk to celebrate Courtney's birthday with her. Happy B-day Courtney! I thought some of the photos turned out pretty nice.

The night-life at CityWalk

A cute picture of Courtney & Kim

For those of you waiting for an update on my class, I can't say much but here it is. I definitely have a pretty diverse group of student ability wise. I have a wide-aray of students but I think this year will be a good one. I'm sure I will always compare my classes to last year's class because I had such a GREAT Year then. I definitely am getting back in the swing of things and already have TONS of paper piles in my classroom. I am SO NOT READY to grade papers again! :) Anyone want to come help? ;) There's just a lot of beginning of the year things to take care of. Class lists, charts, classroom jobs, assessments, teaching procedures (VERY SLOWLY!) Life goes on and I'm sure I'll have a great year with my students! ;)

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