Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Remember When...

...you had 3 months for summer?
...you wished school would start because you were bored with summer break?
...school started after Labor Day?

No longer. I start school tomorrow after only 8 short weeks off of school (1 1/2 of which I worked for my district on reading assessments!) I am definitely NOT bored yet and it's nowhere NEAR Labor Day!! I feel like this summer has literally flown by.

I've been working in the classroom everyday since last Thursday. Yesterday we were at meetings all day so I didn't get a whole lot done. This morning, I arrived at 7:45 and worked until 9:40 at night with just a lunch break and dinner break. I had A LOT to do. I'm definitely NOT a last minute kind of person, however this year it sure seemed like it. I finally finished my seating chart and lesson plans right before I left. I "think" I'm ready for tomorrow.

I'm getting excited but I'm definitely a little nervous as well. This is going to be a "depend upon the Lord" year for sure. (Although every year should be that!) I have 19 boys and 12 girls. Yikes!! Many of my students have special needs whether it be a learning disability, a medical issue etc. It'll be fun to work with another class and encourage them and help them meet their goals. Keep me in your prayers if you think about it. I'll try to post a little feedback this week as to how things go. Unfortunately, I can't really post pictures of the kids due to privacy issues. Well, gotta head for bed.


The Koegle Family said...

Good luck with this next year!! Mike was at school 14 hours too...he's already exhausted! The summers go so fast indeed! Have a great week.

Julie said...

Good luck Megan...what grade do you teach again?

Sarah said...

Thanks for posting again Megan. I know you are really busy but it shouldn't be too much to post once or twice a day. :0) I checked my comments today after Chris called and said that you and Steph were making fun of my computer cluelessness. After one failed comment I finally got it to go through. I am all out of pictures for the moment but should have some after this weekend. Guess what? Yesterday I picked up a cradle one of the nurses at work gave me. It is so pretty but it does need a new coat of paint. My first baby shower is in 1 1/2 weeks and I am so excited. Can't wait for you to come here at the end of Sept. You will probably need a good break by that point. Let me know how the first day of school went. Hang in there.

SJ said...


Praying your day went well - I know the feeling of lots to do!!!!!