Sunday, August 27, 2006

Honeymoon Nostalgia

I just created a whole post and it didn't work...we'll try it again. These are some of my favorite pictures, they also happen to be from our honeymoon.

On the way up to Whistler

The hotspring on top of Blackcomb

Phil on Whistler. Check out the break in the clouds.

Christmas Eve. View from our hotel balcony. It was amazing!


Rachel O. said...

you had Christmas on your honeymoon??? how romantic! Megan that last picture looks like a calendar page, how beautiful, I think you should publish it!!

SJ said...

That last picture makes me just want to be there - living here in CA does make me miss the snow in Missouri in the winter. Thanks for sharing - how is school?

The Koegle Family said...

Awesome pics!!! What beautiful scenery the Lord has provided for us, huh?! :) I'll email you tomorrow with some great links for baby shower game ideas! :) Have a great week!

jenylu said...

I agree with the other comments --that last picture is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing:)

Megan C. said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. :) Yes, Rachel, we were married one week before Christmas so we celebrated Christmas on our honeymoon. It makes it great each year because we have a holiday that we can celebrate our anniversary with. :) We miss the snow too...that's why we're hoping to move closer at some point.